Africa and the World is ruled by criminals and we worship them and their constructs

Politics attracts people that seek a shortcut to richness without having to work for it. This is certainly true in Africa, but also in the rest of the world in “modern” times.

Most of the EU’s politicians are paid for their treason of their Nation States…

Hillary Clinton is sponsored by all the major banks, multinational corporations that want to remove Nation States to create a One World Market, and yes, even the US is now on the radar, because they, like the UK, have mostly completed their tasks in the century long mission (Incrementalism) of world domination.

It is precisely all these banks and multinational companies that have bribed all these African “politicians” in previous century to destroy their countries.
Mandela was also bribed by the World Money Power in 1989.
The process of the conquest of Africa became known (among the world supremacists) as “One Man, One Vote, ONE TIME” – the last part was obviously never shared with the public. They just need to win one election to get their man in and from then on they control the country and now finally the entire continent and most of the West.

Racial violence is used to destroy the nations by removing boundaries.
The current violence at universities is part of this administration …

The voters also are taught to demand or to expect a “good economy” in exchange for their vote, but the truth is that the “economic” figures being shoved down our throats every day on mass media benefit the banks, multinational companies and these political “Elites”.

Whites in South Africa have actually betrayed themselves by voting DA because they were taught that would save “the economy”, even if their jobs were taken away from them by BEE and affirmative action.
Thus they betrayed their own people by voting for the Mark of the Beast laws.
(And it has nothing to do with religion).

Can one ask for more evidence that ye be cheated???

South Africa itself is a political construct …

The devil comes clothed as everything you desire …
(This also has nothing to do with religion). Religion is a personal thing between a person and his or her Creator, but churches inserted themselves between the Creator and man, and they (the churches) have been tricked to serve the money powers and to deceive the people to worship money…

And boy have they done a good job….

Don Deon