ANC Accelerating Land Expropriation, including Urban Properties

Yesterday the ANC’s National Executive Committee at its meeting on land expropriation decided that they will not be waiting for the change of the constitution to continue with expropriation of land without compensation.

Ronald Lamola (see video below) said that “Article 25 of the Constitution (“which supposedly covers property rights”) should be tested. ”

Lamola also suggested that a law be passed by Parliament which will allow for expropriation without compensation. Should the Constitutional Court find that it is contrary to Article 25, the constitution should be changed. “This will eliminate red tape, and eliminate a lot of processes,  and it will provide clarity so that they could proceed with expropriation without compensation.”

Lamola called on “our structures … to proceed with expropriation without compensation.   As it stands, there are seven national departments with expropriation powers. Provincial governments, local municipalities have expropriation powers … We say they must continue.

They must expropriate and do it without compensation. And if they are opposed, they should not be afraid to go to court to get clarity on the principle.  ”

At the same meeting on land expropriation, they also discussed the “apartheid geography” of South African cities that would also “be rectified by expropriation without compensation.”

A socialist system with three types of land ownership is envisaged. There will be state-owned and limited private ownership.

“The challenges and opportunities for the redistribution of land, urban and agricultural development, as well as the rights of black communities, must be taken into account in each of these three types of land ownership,” the ANC declared.

By:  Praag