ANC policy has made its mark – Germany’s businessmen do not want to invest in SA before BEE has not been abolished – Ramaphose is now desperate and try every trick in the book to convince the men that land theft will not take place

With the German President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, on a visit to SA, the ANC president once again lied and said no land theft would occur.

He continues by saying investors’ land and their investments are safe.

Observers wonder if it means that investors’ land is safe but what about the white farmer’s land.

President Steinmeier said on a question that land reform in Germany is different than in SA and he does not want to comment.

Rumours have it that Ramaphosa is still lying to foreign politicians and not disclosing the real truth of what the ANC is actually intending and planning to do in South-Africa.

However, political analysts say the truth of ANC policy is without a doubt ensnaring the regime since Germany said that they will not invest in SA before the government do away with the BEE policies in the country.

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