Anglo American enters into a land-grab issue to make a positive contribution, after mining tycoons have plundered SA since 1902 and made bags of money – Who are they trying to bluff?

Anglo American (AA) has also entered land grab issue with the heading that they want to make a positive contribution to the matter.

In addition to the country’s attempts at so-called land reform, AA wants to address the twisted racial patterns of the past.

This is how Mark Citifani, Anglo Amerian’s Chief Executive Officer, goes on saying that an inclusive and workable solution must be found.

According to him, apartheid’s damage should be reversed, which means that the minority of the population who is currently established on 8% owns more than 75% of agricultural land.

Observers point out that it is striking and it is strange that he does not refer to the exploitation of mining magnates such as Anglo American, De Beers,

It is to believe the mining tycoons have plundered the country since 1902 to enrich themselves with money made by mining on South-African soil and then shifted their interests abroad.

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