Between Heaven and Hell – The True Story of Whites in Southern Africa. Heads up USA/Europe!

Heaven: South Africa, which contains more than half of the world’s Gold and Diamond reserves, incredible agricultural potential and stunning nature, flora and fauna, became the most developed and richest nation in Africa through centuries of hard work and sacrifice by the European pioneers, yet has also paid a dear price as everyone wants to own and control it all.

Hell: Going way back to the 1400’s when Europeans first discovered it and then started settling there and their clash with the African colonisers from the North, the black Bantu, who had conquered the entire sub saharan continent from their origin in Northern Nigeria.

Subsequently these colonisers from the North became pawns and a proxy for very evil men who would hijack and deceive these colonists from the North.
The end of Apartheid had very little to do with racism and everything with greed and global supremacy. The globalist powers could not allow a regional power like South Africa to develop and challenge its hegemony, so anti apartheid was a persuasive handy tool, much like the alleged “War on Terrorism” nowadays.

Those with the most power, the World Supremacist Liberals and Marxist Socialist Elites, Globalist Zionists and Multinationals hold the country enslaved like a dog in a cage so they can plunder it and purchase raw materials very cheaply, and also destroy the identity of its people in order to propagate the Unicultural New World Order – One World Government (UN), where all races are forcibly blended into one, all religions are forcibly blended into one, all cultures are forcibly blended into one…


Globalisation is the new colonisation. Be warned America. Be Warned Europe. Deliberate “Africanisation” has already taken two continents (Africa and South America). You are next.

Thank you to Sinead and Renegade Broadcasting and everyone who made this documentary possible.

Don Deon