BREAKING NEWS:- Five farm attacks in 48 hours leave rural communities in shock

It’s been a terrible week for rural communities. A glut of farm attacks has left people on edge, after five properties were hit over the last two days.

A spate of farm attacks across South Africa has left rural residents living in fear, after five separate incidents were reported between Tuesday and Thursday morning.

Ian Cameron is the head of community safety for AfriForum. He has confirmed that the first attack took place in Honingnestkranspad – a small rural village in the heart of Gauteng – and the most recent occurred in Bela Bela, Limpopo.

No murders have been reported as of 8:30 on Thursday morning. A total of 62 farmers were killed in attacks last year, accounting for 0.3% of the entire murder rate of South Africa.

Farm attacks in South Africa: A bad week for the country
This glut of criminal activity follows another attack on a Burgersdorp farmer from earlier in the week. Jan Terburg had boiling water poured over his head by his attackers. The 81-year-old is still receiving treatment at a Bloemfontein medical facility.

Last week, a farmhouse in the Western Cape was a target for attackers, who also spray-painted political slogans on the front door of the Porterville property.

A married couple were beaten, held captive and doused with petrol before Tobie van Schalwyk was able to activate his car alarm with his keys, prompting the three masked assailants to flee. It was also reported that his wife Desiree was sexually assaulted by the gang.

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Farm attacks from 4 – 6 December

Honingnestkranspad, Gauteng, 4 December
* Three attackers (armed).
* One victim.
* Cash stolen, no arrests made as of yet.
* Male shot in the arm.

Zusterstroom, Gauteng 5 December
* Five attackers.
* Seven victims.
* Cellphones and vehicles stolen.
* No fatalities or serious injuries.

Kameeldrift, Gauteng, 5 December
* Two attackers.
* Multiple victims.
* No arrests made.
* Targets hit with bricks, male suffered serious face wounds.

Addo, Eastern Cape, 6 December
* Three attackers.
* Two victims – a husband and wife.
* Possessions and two firearms reported stolen.
* Male hit over the head, female tied up.

Bela Bela, Limpopo, 6 December
* Ian Cameron has confirmed there was a reported attack on a property in Limpopo, but the details are still sketchy. The AfriForum representative went on to blame the government for their “complicity” in these crimes.


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