Buffelspoort farm attack – Couple assaulted and tied up during home-invasion

A farm attack took place on 22 October 2018 in the Buffelspoort area, North West.

A 49 year old man finished dinner and let the dogs into the house, who immediately went to their sleeping baskets. Whilst carrying the dinner plates to the basin, he was surprised by four African males, armed with hand guns. The top door of the kitchen was still open, only the bottom one closed. (No security door) They took the woman’s firearm, and tied the two of them up, and locked them up in different rooms using electric cables and shoe laces.

Upon clearing the safe they found ammunition for one firearm, but not the firearm itself, which was on the man. He was laying on his belly with his hands tied behind his back, on top of his firearm. They removed it from him. The TV, canned food, duvets, cellphones and a tablet were loaded into their cars together with the following firearms:

1× cz 75 9mm,
1x vector 9mm,
1x 303 rifle.

The bike was loaded on the cruiser, and they fled the scene.

The couple did not sustain serious injuries, but they are traumatised. As soon as they were alone, the woman, who’s hands were tied in front of her, managed to free herself, and break open the bedroom door with exercise weights. She freed her partner and they drove to the neighbours with the quad bike, who activated all necessary services who rushed to the scene. Forensics also arrived to the scene soon after.

The English speaking attackers did not have their faces covered, but some wore gloves.

No arrests have been made yet.

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