Carnages and farm murders in SA: Well-known Member of European Parliament sketches the picture that the rainbow nation has fallen into bloody chaos

After her visit to South Africa, the well-known Member European Parliament , Janice Atkinson, has evaluated the situation that “the rainbow nation that is falling into bloody chaos”.

She held talks in Cape Town with representatives of the FF + (Freedom Front Plus) and TLU SA (Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa).

According to Atkinson, the European Parliament, Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENV) is at the moment “raising awareness about the carnages and farm murders in South Africa. Earlier this year they invited the FF + and the documentary filmmaker Lauren Southern to Bursel to strengthen this with South Africa, while the rest of the world ignored the problematic situation in South-Africa. ” In June this year, Atkinson and Dr. Dan Roodt of PRAAG where invited to the European Parliament in Brussels for a conference on the situation of Afrikaners in South Africa.

In a statement, , Atkinson says: “Last week, our delegates from the European Parliament was invited by our South African friends in the Freedom Front Plus to Cape Town to continue our fruitful talks on urgent issues which currently exists in the country and to find ways of further and closer cooperation. South Africa and its people are very important to me. After visiting this wonderful country several times, I’m upset to see how the utopian understanding of the rainbow nation is on its verge to fall into bloody chaos. ”

Atkinson foresee that, if the violent Marxist EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) would come to power, large-scale nationalization, black empowerment by land seizure and assets and violence against whites and other minorities, “may led to further chaos and destruction.”

Photo – A Member of the European Parliament for South-East England, Janice Atkinson, with the President of the French National Assembly National, Marine Le Pen, at the European Parliament., 11/11/2018

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