Catch A New Tune From Time To Time, Please Guys!!  –  Paul Kruger Statue In Pretoria Must Go To Make Place For A Statue Of Winnie Mandela – If You Don’t Take It Down, We Will –  EFF

The most amazing, and undoubtedly most annoying, habit of the extremist red element (read EFF) is the fact that they simply do not have the capacity to be innovative. It is the same old story, followed by the same old behaviour over and over and over again.

**  This week one shouts: “Fees must fall!” And off they go to burn the nearest University.

**  Next week one shouts: “Occupy the land!” and off they go to put up shacks wherever they find a piece of open land.

**  The following week one shouts: “Minimum wage” and the whole bunch starts running to loot the nearest bottle store.

**  And the week after that they start with number one again.

We were kind of wondering when the argument about the statue of Paul Kruger will raise its silly head again. It is the fourth time they start screaming about that since 2014.

This time the statue must be removed from Church Square and be replaced with a statue of Winnie Madikizela Mandela!  “If you don’t do it, we will!!!!!” – EFF

We’re not even interested in debating this issue. How do you debate with people who fight with statues? We are planning ahead, looking at ways in which to secure our future through self-determination. These people are fighting further and further back in history.

Well, let them fight with the ghosts of Jan van Riebeeck and Paul Kruger. We are definitely not going to wait a moment longer for them to catch up. Now we work for our own future.

Front National