Crime in South-Africa are completely out of control

South Africa is undoubtedly the most violent country in Africa. Crime has reached critical levels. Every city has become a target, law-abiding citizens have to endure pain, degradation and humiliation as they are bludgeoned into submission as their homes are ransacked, with brazen audacity, by vicious thugs. The criminal justice system is charged with a clear mandate calling for a comprehensive programme focused on prevention and protection of the public.

Fifty-five people are murdered every day, and 18205 attempted murders were recorded last year, 49660 sexual offences were recorded by the SAPS, 39900 rapes were reported, 157000 common assault cases were opened, an average of 430 a day. The statistics are chilling.

Police and community policing forums are sadly losing the battle against serious crime, which has enveloped the country in its deadly tentacles. The vastness of the area and the non-committal attitude of the community compounds the problem. Apathy will ensure that we will become victims sooner or later.

Citizens are living under siege as crime intensifies on a daily basis. The woes and fears of citizens seem not to be going away any time soon as criminal elements are holding us to ransom. Fear and trepidation are our constant companions as we struggle to contain violent crime that confronts us all with its deadly consequences. Violence is the South African way of life from womb to tomb.

We have brazenly displayed our contempt for human life and the law. Today, we are not only aware of our own brutal violence, we are frightened by it. We are painfully pessimistic that our rainbow nation cannot extricate itself from its state of anarchy and arrest its crisis of crime. Many of us of different political persuasions feel alienated, divorced from control of our own lives.

Our society is angry and awash with weapons. We believe that those who show utter contempt for human life by committing remorseless, premeditated murder justly forfeit the right to their own.

By: iOl News