‘Cyril Ramaphosa – These Sh*t-Holes Belong To You!’

In April, three children died in Joburg in an abandoned building when a wall collapsed – this was in a building neglected by the ANC Ward that previously managed this area of Davies Street, Doornfontein.

Joburg Mayor Herman Mashaba, a pioneer for inner city building expropriation says such tragedies could be avoided through fast-tracking the process to reclaim abandoned buildings. He will continue to fast-track this process.

The Citizens of Mzansi ask the ANC – ‘So you want to land grab without compensation but you cannot look after your own inner city buildings – then you give your problems to Herman to fix?’

How many abandoned buildings like this are all over South Africa in a dilapidated and despicable state? Why take from productive land owners in South Africa when YOU are incapable of looking after your own city buildings which can generate immediate land & housing for our people?

In multiple ANC Wards across our country, more poverty stricken black families have moved into numerous abandoned buildings, including young children, even with the danger signs. The buildings likely are structurally unsound, with no sanitation, electricity or running water. The ANC recklessly ignore the health hazards and fire risks for our people, through their mismanagement of these properties, and the land.

Citizens of Mzansi will highlight more abandoned buildings and mismanaged land that the ANC have hidden from our impoverished South Africans, that could have been life-changing for many of those suffering years ago, if land and housing were truly an ANC priority.

Get you head out of your ass Ramaphosa!

CoM – Citizens of Mzansi