EU MEP Group ENF Acknowledges and Debates Failed “Rainbow Nation”

The European Parliamentary Group ENF has recently acknowledged and debated the failures of Mandela’s “Rainbow Nation”.

The failure of South Africa’s progressive “Rainbow Nation” is beginning to be acknowledged at the European Parliament.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported this project – you’ve helped bring this issue to the global stage.

South Africa’s Farm Wives: A Life of Fear


With the documentary in post-production, I’ll be releasing videos in a ten-part series, focusing on some of the stories I’ve heard in South Africa.

From the intricacies of the methods used in farm killings to the enduring consequences, this series tells important stories from South Africa. Stories of murder, brutality, and corruption – but also stories of bravery and triumph.

This series will explore those stories, focusing on the people telling them. Farmlands the documentary will pull all of these stories together and explain how they fit into the wider context of South Africa’s racial crisis.

By:  Lauren Southern