Farm attacks and -murders Jan 1 – July 31 2018

The scary reality is: This bloodbath is probably going to escalate.

Now that Ramaphosa, in the most irresponsible fashion imaginable, promised that land will expropriated irrespective of what the outcome of the Parliamentary process is, his followers will demand that it be done immediately.

We know that the masses have no understanding of or respect for processes or legality. If the leader says: You can have it, they will want to take it. Government won’t be able to stop land grabs, and they won’t be willing to either – that is going to cost them votes and votes is all they care for at the moment.

What a gruesome reality that a small minority of less than 8% of the population are being genocidally wiped out simply for the purpose of greed and power and corruption and the crazy need to get hold of their property.

(Thank you toe ToekomsVonk for this summary)