#FARMATTACK: Miracle After Miracle Saves Missionary Farmer’s Life After Attack – Midvaal

An hour felt like a day when Mike Bonnette (70), a missionary farmer from Midvaal area in Meyerton, Gauteng East, was attacked on his farm when he was on his way to church on Sunday.  He was severely assaulted and robbed.

Bonette was discharged from the hospital on Friday after receiving medical treatment for a week at the MediClinic – Vereeniging.

He explained to Maroela Media from his home exactly what happened that day.

“My wife, Margaret, went to church early that morning. I left for church at approximately 9:20 and was at my gate of our house when I stopped to close it,” said Bonnette.  Bonette explained that he climbed out of his bakkie, closed the gate and when he wanted to get back in his bakkie someone tackled him from behind.

“I started to wrestle with the thug and when I looked up, two more thugs stood in front of me. One of them turned a firearm at me and hit me over the head. I felt the blood running across my face and started feeling woozy.”  The thugs brutally attacked Bonette and forced him back into his home, all the while wanting to know where his safe was and also insisted on money.

They pushed me into the kitchen, whilst I was telling them that I did not have a safe or a lot of money, but I told them they could take whatever I had.

They then turned on the electric kettle and the shortest of three said: ‘You will learn to talk’.  He then asked me where the iron is.

The thugs then took Bonette to the living room where they ripped out a cord and wall plug of a lamp. One of the thugs turned the cord around Bonnette’s neck and asked again where his safe was. Bonnette explained that he did not have a safe. He was strangled by one of the thugs, whilst the other two went through the house and ripped everything out of the closets, looking for a safe and other valuable possessions.

 “They also wanted my wedding ring from my finger, but I could not get it off. They threatened to cut my finger off, but I asked for them to allow me to get soap. Fortunately, I could turn the ring around and eventually it came off my finger.

The shortest one then said: “You’re not talking” and grabbed an extension cord, pulled the tip off and began to uncover the copper cables”.

Bonnette said that the “short man” became aggressive without incitement, and while he was uncovering the cables, he apparently made statements like “you stole our land” amongst other things.

The thug then wrapped the copper cables around Bonnette’s ankles. He was on the way to the wall plug to turn it on when I moved my legs and the cable came loose. The thug got angry, tied my legs together tightly and tightened the cables more.

Meanwhile, the main electrical switch tripped and the kettle and the exposed cables were left powerless. It also triggered an alarm at our local Community Policing Forum (CPF).

The thug then wrapped the cord and wall plug around his hand and assaulted Bonnette with it. The thug instructed his friends to get the ‘boiling water’, but it was just lukewarm when they poured it over Bonette.

“The Lord held his hand over me from the beginning, and miracle after miracle happened.  They then they forced me into the bathroom where the ‘short man’ wanted to shoot me. He showed me the ammunition. He told the other two to leave because he did not want them to see how he shot the ‘white bastard’.

Whilst the other two thugs loaded houseware in Bonnette’s bakkie. Bonnette’s granddaughter’s black poodle started barking fiercely. “I told the ‘short man’ that the GPF was there.  At that very stage, a member of the GPF arrived and the thugs fled in my pickup”.

The thugs stole the workers’ savings, jewelry, a mobile phone and other valuable possessions. Bonnette sustained several head injuries and was rushed to the hospital by Netcare 911. He also sustained injuries to his leg, shoulders, neck, arm, and back.

On Monday, in the early hours of the morning, his pickup was found abandoned by GPF members at a train station.

The Police Spokes People could not be reached for comment since Friday.

According to Bonnette, no-one has as yet been arrested in connection with the incident. He said one of the thugs wore a balaclava but he did not recognise the other two at all.  He estimated them to be in the 30’s age range.

Bonnette took over a missionary school in the 1980s, which now houses about 300 learners and a church. His farm provides work to many workers. He said he did not bear any hate or cruel feelings after the incident, but wishes the thugs to be arrested for justice to take its course.

Kobus Hoffman, the FF Plus Sub-Leader in Gauteng and Councilor in the Sedibeng Municipality. has condemned this cruel attack.

 “The victim is a farmer who, at his own expense,  built a school for local, disadvantaged children and has done a lot of upliftment in the community,” Hoffman said.

“It is extremely regrettable that such a community activist and contributor to charity has become the target of such acts. It is a clear sign that nothing or no one is to be spared.”

Hoffman said it was a miracle that Bonette survived the attack. “This cowardly act is directly attributed to the public incitement to violence, hate speech and racial hatred by politicians in particular.

The VFPlus will continue to internationalize farm attacks and bring it to the world’s attention until it is actually acted on by the international community. ”

Maroela Media

Plea from one of the former pupils of the school Mike Bonnette built:

Steven Vusi Vusi

Friends and family,
I seek your help in tracking and helping the Police to catch the thugs that did this to Bonet.
If u grew up around the Meyerton, Koolfontein, Nelsonia, Bacelia, Resort, Mooilande, Riversdale area you probably started school in Ratasetjhaba Primary school.
He didn’t only donate the land for the school, he built it.  He played a very big role in the lives of so many Black people including mine and he is still playing that role in the lives of Blacks in the surrounding neighborhood.
He allowed the Pre-school to be built on his property.
I am sad and angry because I would never have attended school if he didn’t have the good heart that he has for people.
He prays daily with his workers before they start their daily work.
Instead of honouring him for the good that he has done and is still doing, one of us, our friend, brother or neighbour brutally attacked, tortured and severely injured him.  The intention as I see it was not to steal his bakkie, that is usually used by his employees for their personal and work duty, but to kill him.
Please, I need your help to catch these criminals. Let us hold hands in this and find them.  Let us show appreciation to him by finding his attackers and his Toyota Hilux hard body van.

Steven Vusi Vusi

If you have any information or have seen something or someone please alert the Police. 
I am going to do the same as well.  Please let us find them
By:  Steven Vusi Vusi