#FARMATTACK: Woman (44) Shot In Lower Back And Then Raped In Front Of Her Young Children

 On Friday nights a 44-year-old woman was shot in the lower back during a farm invasion near Hankey in the Eastern Cape.  She was then allegedly raped in front of her three young children.

The wounded woman was then driven to town by the terrorist in her car so that she could withdraw money from her credit card at the ATM. At the ATM she apparently told the man that she would wait for him in the car until he withdrew the money. 

Once he got out of the car, she sped away, according to a reliable source.

The woman then returned to the farm where her children were waiting for her.

The source further said the woman’s husband was away on a hunting trip for the weekend.

The woman was watching television with her children when the terrorist entered through the television room’s sliding door shooting. 

The terrorist apparently shouted at the woman that he was furious because her husband had fired him and that he “was going to skin them alive”.

The terrorist shot the woman in the lower back and tied the children up with wire, after which he raped her. The bloodied woman then asked the terrorist whether he wanted money.  That is when he took her to town in her car to withdraw money.

According to the source, the Gamtoos Valley residents are “shocked” about the incident. “We have an excellent relationship with our workers. It is incomprehensible why this man would bear a grudge. Nobody knows why he was fired.”

Network24 could not reach the woman’s husband for comment. Captain Gerda Swart, Hankey Police Spokesperson said the incident was “not a farm attack”, but “just a burglary”. She said in a statement that the South African Police Service is pursuing all clues to bring this terrorist to book. 

According to Swart, the terrorist gained access to the house by shooting and breaking the sliding door’s glass.

She said Police were investigating a case of burglary, attempted murder, and robbery with aggravated circumstances. “More complaints may be added to this list,” said Swart.

According to the source, the woman and her children received counseling on Saturday.

Ian Cameron, security chief of Civil Society Organization AfriForum, confirmed that a suspect had been arrested.