#FarmersLivesMatter How many Black and Coloured Farmers Have Been Brutally Tortured and Murdered in South Africa?

South Africans have been Thanking President Trump for His recent Tweet where he expressed concern over the plague of farm murders in SA. They have been taking to social media, making videos and even emailing the Whitehouse directly. Yet still a large portion of the black community and mainstream media refuse to moderate their Anti-White Racism.

To the contrary, Mainstream media outlets are doubling down on their anti white rhetoric and pushing back against US President Trump’s comments regarding South African farmers last week by claiming murders and land grabs are not happening or saying that it affects all communities and therefore is nothing to be concerned about.

It is a centuries long tradition for Europeans to count their dead and fallen, just because other communities do not want to count their dead and fallen, does not mean whites shouldn’t…

In that regard SA-News is still not able to ascertain a figure of just how many black or coloured farmers have been tortured and murdered in such a brutal manner? Does the ANC regime not know, or are they not telling because they know it will expose the truth that the numbers are far out of proportion…

The fact is that given that there are ten times more non-whites than whites, the figure should be ten times more than that of white farmers… clearly it is not otherwise it would be world news headlines!

Don V