#FARMMURDER: Farmers Wife (70) Dies In Brutal Savage Attack –  Umhlali

A brutal farm murder occured on 18 April 2018, on Spioenkop farm, eSenembe area, Umhlali, KZN.

Mr. M.Govender(77) and his wife, Mrs. Govender(70), were attacked at their home at Spioenkop farm when three thugs viciously attacked them. The thugs had dug under the electric fence to gain access to the property and were armed with knives.

Mr. Govender had arrived home at 21:00 and was confronted when he was opening the door. His hands were tied behind his back and his legs tied together. Mrs. Govender was also similarly tied and both the of the elderly couple endured a violent assault. Mrs. Govender died as a result of the brutal attack.

Mr. Govender managed to untie himself at 05:00 the following morning 19 April 2018, and summoned help. The police used an ax to break down the door to gain access and help the couple. Mr. Govender was rushed to hospital but his wife had unfortunately succumbed to her injuries from the barbaric assault.

As far as can be established, a shotgun was taken.

Umhlali SAPS members are on the scene.

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