#FARMMURDER: Sutherland Shocked After Woman’s Murder

A mother of two teens,  Riana Louw du Toit, of Sutherland in the Northern Cape, was allegedly attacked on the R354 between Sutherland and Merweville on Wednesday morning and murdered in her car.  The two children who are now totally orphaned as their father passed away some years ago.
Riana Louw du Toit, who worked at the restaurant on the farm Rogge Cloof, was found in her car around 08:00 on Wednesday morning.
According to a farmer of Sutherland, Louw du Toit’s colleagues went to search for her after she did not arrive at work. One of them found her mutilated body in her car. She seemed to have been hit with a stone.
Members of the farming community and residents of Sutherland who are members of the radio safety committee later found a man working on a neighboring farm. He fled when he was accosted and hid in the reeds approximately 1 kilometer from the murder scene.
According to members of the committee, the thug said he would kill himself rather than going to jail.