Five attackers invade couples home in Henley on Klip, victim shot in both legs

Darrel Vos [ 58 ] was shot in both legs in his bedroom in his house in Henley on Klip on Friday around 1845 during a house invasion and robbery .

His wife Jaqui [ 65 [ was surprised by 3 black males in the living room . She shouted a warning to her husband who was in the bedroom .

One attacker then stormed to the bedroom and shot Darrel in both upper legs .

Jaqui was forced to lie on her stomach .

Another 2 black males then entered the house . Now they were 5 attackers . They eventually left with R500 , cellphones and jewelry .

Darrel underwent an emergency operation on Saturday to remove bone splinters . It is still to dangerous to remove the bullets .

Incredibly Jaqui says that she has already forgiven the robbers who have just rendered her husband bedridden for months to come whilst his shattered bones are healing .