Future of SA is bleak after ANC-regime plundered a once model state into junk status and sh*thole

It is clear that South Africa has become so fragile in the financial field that overall poverty, with the exception of a few wealthy people, will lead to the necessary change in governments.

Who will be the new rulers is currently a widely debated topic, but there is also the feeling that the ANC will remain in control at the national level.

The official opposition parties may form a government as a coalition, but in Africa it does not work, and such a merger will only provide temporary solutions.

However, it will not provide solutions that will bring South Africa back on the road to success, as none of the smaller parties has the strong leaders to protect the country from corruption, money laundering, murder, and dozens of other problems.

Whoever takes over from the ANC will do nothing better than today’s weak rulers.

The possibility of a homeland for the Boer-Afrikaner is the only way to set up a good government that will, with good judgment, lead the people to every area of life to new heights.

There is one problem: The Boer-Africans are too few to negotiate such a dispensation, and the rulers of the country too much to allow such a dispensation.

Whoever rules the country, the future is getting darker, and the people who built this country into a model state have got their knees numb.