Gang Goes On Violent Rampage – One Dead, One Hospitalized

24Feb - by SA News - 0 - In Africa crime

On 21 February one man was shot dead and a second was rushed to hospital after being shot in the head during two separate hijackings; allegedly committed by the same gang. But the carnage did not end there. Suspects are armed and extremely dangerous.

The man who was murdered was shot in the head twice during a hijacking on Ontdekkers Road in Florida Park. The attackers then drove down Golf Club Terrace and opposite KFC hijacked another man and also shot him in the head. The man was hospitalized.

They then drove to Kemphaan Street in Florida Lake where they again attempted to hijack a vehicle but failed. They kidnapped the man but he was later found by CPF members.

(In the video you can see a woman and child, presumably the victim’s family, witnessing the kidnapping before running back into the house.)

Shortly afterward there was a home invasion in Fleurhof, and the suspects are believed to be the same gang involved in the other three attacks. They drove a green Ford Fiesta.

The Record is currently awaiting comment from Florida Police.

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