#GuptaNEC Meeting In Dubai – South African Media Absent

#GuptaNEC meeting in Dubai - SA media absent

Indications have emerged that the South African crime family behind state capture in the country, the Guptas, is currently holding a strategy meeting in Dubai with some of their captured puppets in the ANC NEC. Reports also indicate that the Secretary-General of the ANC, Ace Magashule has sent his son, Tshepiso, to represent him.

Leading the Gupta NEC faction in Dubai at the moment is our Police minister, Fikile Mbalula. He has given his own location away by tweeting the following :

” Merry Christmas to you all…festive season greetings to you all bunch of winners ”

The locations settings on Twitter indicated the location was Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Mbalula then deleted the location settings, but not before screengrabs have been made.

Mbalula later tweeted the following in response to a Twitter user who questioned his presence in the city where the Gupta family now reside :

” Jan van Reibeeks and Verwoerda are celebrating Christmas too in South Africa…they are on lifetime vacations since the arrival of their ancestors on the cape to loot, steal and conquer. Their offspring can be found wilding on twitter with absolute no sense of irony ” .

This tweet was also deleted by Mbalula, but not before screengrabs have been made.

Whilst the South African mainstream media is on holiday, the ex ANC MP and whistleblower Vytjie Mentor has kept up a steady stream of reporting on her Facebook page that not only Mbalula is currently in Dubai, but also ANC NEC members Tina Joemat -Petterson and David Mahlobo, the ex-energy minister and current energy minister respectively.

Vytjie is also reporting that the Gupta faction of the ANC NEC is meeting with Russian energy officials regarding a nuclear deal with South Africa, in which the Zuma and Gupta families stand to score lucrative deals.

What we know is that Mbalula’s whereabouts have been confirmed. He is in Dubai for sure. He gave himself away. Vytjie is also reporting that the Gupta family plane ZS-OAK has been tracked to Dubai, and you can be sure that where the Gupta plane is, there is the Gupta family.

The information emanating from Vytjie Mentor seems to be quite authentic at this moment, yet not a single report about this is appearing in the South African mainstream media. I don’t know who Vytjie’s sources are, and her info is not yet confirmed, but circumstantial evidence certainly backs up her claims.

I would have thought that this information is extremely important in the light of the whole saga of the capture of the South African government by the Gupta family.

Secret meetings are held in a foreign country with a now departed immigrant Indian family with regards South African government affairs , but the South African

By :  Daniel Sutherland/SAUncut