#HOMEINVASION:  Robber Shouted:   “I Will Kill Your Baby!” – Middelburg

The thoughts that went through a young father’s head just before he shot three home invaders, was that of torture, being burnt with irons and women being raped, during home invasions.

One of the attackers stood at his baby daughter’s bed when he was woken up by his wife’s heartfelt cries for the thugs not to harm the baby.  She repeatedly pleaded with the attackers: “Please I have a baby, please do not hurt me.”

The three Mozambican citizens who invaded the house ignored here cries and started stabbing her husband.

One of the men also shouted at him: “I’ll kill your baby”.

As the stabbing continued unabated,  he managed to retrieve his loaded ACP Colt from under his pillow.  He shielded himself with his one arm and started firing at the thugs, killing two of them.   One died in the house, whilst the other managed to escape through a window but succumbed to his wounds outside the house.

The third one was injured.   He fled to the neighbour’s house who attacked him with a spade.  He is still in a critical condition and is being treated in a Pretoria Hospital.

The three thugs apparently entered the house at approximately 3:00 by removing the burglar proofing in front of one of the windows.  They had already taken a television set outside.


• The family wants to remain anonymous out of  fear