How UK & USA Governments aggressively vilify Apartheid South Africa yet commit torture and forced removal crimes themselves

In the memories of some coloureds in SA, District Six was paradise, a paradise they were driven out of by the evil white Apartheid government.

In part ten of Opening Pandora’s Apartheid Box, Mike Smith explained the truth about District Six and the forced removal of 60,000 coloureds to the Cape Flats in a case study. As my main source he used the Denis Verschoyle papers from the UCT archives.

He also mentioned where the emotional memories (lies) of what a nice place District Six was came from, namely from a series of articles that appeared in the English newspaper Cape Times in the late 1950’s.

Without repeating the entire article, in short District Six was a health risk. The NP government cleared some of the slums and built 1,127 new houses for the coloured people and even subsidized the rent with white taxpayer’s money, but the coloureds did not want to move into the new houses, claiming that the subsidized rent was still too high.

Before the government moved the rest of the people and cleared the District Six slum (basically saving their lives from bubonic plague, cholera, typhus, etc), they built houses for them on the Cape Flats and after their migration there also compensated them with money.

Despite all the facts he produced, people still get very emotional about the evil white Afrikaners who forcibly removed the jolly coloureds from Cape Town and still believe the lies that it was due to the colour of their skin. They still cannot explain why the same NP government never moved the coloureds from the Bo-Kaap in the centre of Cape Town. The reason is simple: The Bo-Kaap was never a slum or a health hazard and because the people there are mostly Muslim Cape Malays, it never had the social ills that alcohol brought to District Six.

District Six

Further, today nobody speaks about the forced removal of 40,000 whites from their farms and homes to hand their land over to blacks in the Bantustans.

But this article is not about District Six or forced removals in SA. It is about the hypocritical British and Americans who for many years used District Six and Sophia Town to vilify the whites of South Africa and portray them as evil racists.

But what have they done? Let Mike Smith show you how they depopulated a REAL paradise.

The Chagos Archipelago forced removals

East Point, the former main settlement of Diego Garcia. Now a coconut plantation

In the Indian Ocean, about halfway between Madagascar and India, lies the Chagos Archipelago a group of 64 unique coral islands of which Diego Garcia is the biggest and main island and in the shape of a buckled and twisted horse shoe. It forms part of the British Indian Ocean Territory (BIOT). It is a phenomenon of natural beauty and the closest you can come to paradise on earth with its pure white beaches and untouched coral reefs…

Chances are that you have probably never heard of it.

Today the UK and the USA have a joint airforce base, a port, a nuclear dump site and other military facilities there called “Camp Justice” (no it is not a sick joke) and all of its 4000 inhabitants are British and mostly American military personnel. The US Military likes to call their base the “footprint of freedom.”

“Camp Justice” on Diego Garcia

It wasn’t always like that. Between 1968 and 1973, the Chagossians (coloured people of Bantu, Malay and Creole ancestry), then numbering about 2,000 people, were forcefully expelled by the British government to Mauritius and Seychelles to allow the United States to establish a military base on the island. Today, the exiled Chagossians are still trying to return, claiming that the forced expulsion and dispossession was illegal.

The Military base on Diego Garcia came about as a result of a deal in the 1960s between Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson and US president Lyndon Johnson in which the UK would get a £14 million discount on their submarine launched Polaris ICBM system in exchange for leasing the Island to the USA (for $1 a year) to build the Air Force base. The reason was to have a base close to the Middle East so they could control the oil and natural gas in the region.

Incidentally, liberal idiot and hypocrite, Harold Wilson, was the man who refused to grant the white minority in Rhodesia independence, because they did not want to extend unqualified voting rights to the native African population. When Ian Smith declared Rhodesia’s unilateral independence in 1965, Wilson ran to the UN to impose sanctions against Rhodesia and sent British warships to blockade the port of Beira to try to cause the economic collapse in Rhodesia.

Sweeping the island clean.

After the deal between the UK and the USA was sealed, the Islanders were subjected to officially sanctioned psychological warfare. At first, the British bought up all the Chopra plantations and closed them down, denying the Islanders an income, forcing them to relocate.

Then the islanders were tricked and intimidated into leaving; those who had gone to Mauritius for urgent medical treatment were prevented from returning.


Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep Space Surveillance System on Diego Garcia

As the Americans began to arrive and build the base, Sir Bruce Greatbatch, the governor of the Seychelles, who had been put in charge of the “sanitising”, ordered all the pet dogs on Diego Garcia to be killed. Almost 1,000 pets were rounded up and gassed, using the exhaust fumes from American military Jeeps under the supervision of American and British officers.

The regular supply ship bringing post, fresh milk, dairy products, sugar, salt, oil, medications and other basic supplies was barred from docking at the islands.

The 250 remaining people, allowed to take only one suitcase, were loaded into the holds of the ship the SS Nordvaer. They left behind their homes and furniture, and their lives. On the journey in rough seas, the copra company’s horses occupied the deck, while women and children were forced to sleep on a cargo of bird fertilizer.

Arriving in the Seychelles, they were marched up the hill to a prison where they were held until they were transported to Mauritius. The Mauritian authorities were paid £650,000 to compensate for the assistance required of them.

The 2,000 people who had lived on the island had simply been dumped on the quayside in Mauritius and had lived in terrible poverty ever since. They had no qualifications and no money. Only after more than a decade did they receive any compensation from the British government: less than £3,000 each, which did not even cover their debts.

In 2000, the islanders won a historic victory in the high court, which ruled their expulsion illegal. Within hours of the judgment, the Foreign Office announced that it would not be possible for them to return to Diego Garcia because of a “treaty” with Washington – in truth, a deal concealed from parliament and the US Congress.

In 2003, in a follow-up high court case, the islanders were denied compensation, with government counsel allowed by the judge to attack and humiliate the islanders in the witness box.

In June 2004, the British government invoked the archaic royal prerogative in order to crush the 2000 judgment. A decree was issued that the islanders were banned forever from returning home.

On 11 May 2006, the High Court ruled that the 2004 Order in Council preventing the Chagossians’ resettlement of the islands was unlawful, and consequently that the Chagossians were entitled to return to the outer islands of the Chagos Archipelago. On 23 May 2007, this was confirmed by the Court of Appeal.

In 2009 Wikileaks exposed a calculated move by the British government to declare BIOT a “marine reserve” to prevent re-settlement of the Islands by native Chagossians.

In April 2010 the UK government founded the Chagos Marine Protected Area (MPA) covering a total surface area of 640,000 square kilometres, twice the size of the UK, bigger than France and bigger than the State of California. They banned all fishing in the area. So basically the Islanders can return to the outer islands, but they are not allowed to fish. So how are they going to survive?

Diego Garcia from the air with the US military base and torture centre ironically called “Camp Justice”.

However, an exemption in the MPA allows people from the US nuclear base on Diego Garcia to continue fishing. In 2010, more than 28 tonnes of fish was caught for use by personnel on the base. Source

Starting as early as 2004 rumors began to surface that the USA had been using Diego Garcia for the detention and torture of individuals captured in the “Global War on Terror”. In 2006 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed , one of the “High value detainees” was suspected to have been held in Diego Garcia.

US torture on British territory

Island paradise or torture chamber?

And these are the people who wanted to point fingers at us in South Africa?

The Chagos Islands 40 years on remain a black mark on Britain

Posted by Mike Smith