Katie Hopkins: South Africa, white people, and the assault on Western values

Video: In this partial excerpt of ‘The Fallen State TV’, host Jesse Lee Peterson interviews Katie Hopkins, author and columnist at The Rebel.

They discuss the South African government’s planned theft of white owned land, the atrocious farm attacks and farm murders and how the government and police are complicit in the attacks.

The ANC, EFF and other black leaders promote these horrendous acts. Katie has first hand experience on these matters having been in South Africa and filmed a dramatic and factual documentary about the crisis called ‘The killing fields‘ . It’s astonishing that the world media does not cover these issues because the victims are white and the notion that all black peoples self created woes are white peoples fault.

This is not a conspiracy theory, the facts are there and the world simply is beguiled by left wing mainstream media and their blatant disregard for any journalistic integrity in reporting the truth. Katie however does relate some experiences and shares the actual truth of what is happening to whites at the hands of blacks. The discussion highlights the difference between white people and the black race.

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