KwaZulu-Natal landowners do not seek land but money  – no wonder prosperous farms are ruined as soon as land is transferred to black beneficiaries

Land allocated to local communities after land claim is now the focus of a dispute between the owners, the state and the Ingonyama Trust of Zwelithini.

After several lands claim has been granted, the 30 owners of 11,000 hectares of land, worth R3 billion, want to sell it  to the ANC-government for R760 million.

This stems from the fact that “the people” do not seek land, but rather money, and it is seen where prosperous farms disappear as soon as the land is transferred to black beneficiaries.

What makes matters even more interesting is that Zwelithini is now claiming the land as part of land belonging to the Zulu nation since the owners of the land are the Zulus.

Observers say, however, that the 2.8 million hectares in its possession are already enough and he should not receive any land but also point out that it is all part of a power game.

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