Land expropriation without compensation shock revealed! ANC regime publishes fake bill on expropriation without compensation to avoid criticism!

The leader of the Afrikaner Self-Determination Party has strongly opposed the ANC over the government’s rate of land expropriation.

The shocking revelation was made in the media this past weekend that the ANC had just published a charade bill on expropriation without compensation for public comment. The media revealed that Dr Mathole Motshekga of the ANC acknowledged that the ANC had published this facade so that it did not cause too much opposition before the real bill was tabled in parliament.

In terms of the true bill, according to Motshekga, the courts will have no power to decide on the legality of the ANC’s intended expropriations without compensation.

Motshekga stated that, in the opinion of the ANC, the court process is taking too long and that the ANC government as elected government should have the final say on expropriations without compensation.

The entire concept of expropriation without compensation that the ANC envisages is already illegal in the published Bill in terms of Public International Law, despite the clause therein which leaves the provision of the legality of zero compensation for expropriation in the hands of the courts. This hidden bill is similarly a violation of international law.

The Afrikaner Self-determination Party will oppose this illegal strategy of the ANC, and the illegal expropriation without compensation, in whatever form, by all means at its disposal.