Land reform will cause war in SA because it’s unconstitutional – Mosiuoa Lekota

Mosiuoa Lekota says continuing with land expropriation is going to lead to war in SA. Lekota said that peace in South Africa is what the struggle fighters fought for. The COPE leader told the Kliprivier community they should vote out the ANC to end land reform problems.

COPE leader Mosiuoa Lekota once again spoke out against land reform. Lekota was addressing the community of Kliprivier when he addressed the matter. Lekota said that land expropriation without compensation will lead to war in South Africa.

He reminded people that peace is exactly what struggle fighters were fighting for. The COPE leader went on to say that not compensating landowners for their land is unconstitutional.

According to a report by EWN, Lekota wants law enforcement to help secure the rights of landowners. It is an ongoing problem that land is being illegally occupied in Kliprivier.

Lekota told the community that the only way to end this problem and deal with it is through voting out the ANC. Vote in a government of men and women who are going to do what the Constitution says must be done.

Lekota added that land should be expropriated but not without compensating the owners. You can’t let anybody and everybody just run onto somebody’s property. The Constitution does not allow that. To conclude his visit to the area, Lekota paid a visit to the De Deur Police Station to talk about the illegal occupation cases.

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