Langrabers part of EFF

As South Africa enters an era where expropriation without compensation needs to be approached delicately, the EFF have already thrown a spanner in the works, by orchestrating land grabs on Gauteng farms.

As repoberetsrted, EFF Gauteng chairperson Mandisa Mashego confirmed that a group of citizens illegally occupying land across the province were representatives of the red berets.

Where have the EFF land grabs taken place? Olievenhoutbosch in the City of Tshwane, as well as Midrand and Blue Hills in Johannesburg, have been to host to a weekend spate of land grabbing. Mashego made no attempts to distance the party from the groups’ actions, and instead re-iterated where his party stood on the issue.

“This land occupation programme speaks directly to our first EFF Cardinal Pillar and policy position. We revere and honour it as our pillar of strength and bedrock of all our other policy statements that‚ if pursued vigorously or fearlessly‚ economic freedom in our lifetime will become real.”

“The programme of land occupation was adopted as an EFF programme at the EFF’s very first National Assembly in December 2014.”

Cyril Ramaphosa on land grabs The Olivenhoutbosch land grab gained the biggest slice of national attention, as President Ramaphosa was forced to condemn their actions on Sunday:

“We should not tolerate disorder and lawlessness of that type. Nobody has any right to invade land, to violate other people’s rights. All those who want to invade land they will get to know that we will not allow that.”

Bad news for the ANC’s “softly, softly” approach The ANC resolved to pursue land expropriation without compensation during the 54th Elective Conference in December 2017. They since tabled the motion in Parliament, which was voted in by the house.

The decision has left South Africa on a knife-edge. If this process is mismanaged, it would have a devastating impact on the economy. These land grabs are far from “The Garden of Eden” Ramaphosa once said expropriation would deliver.