Libtards Wishing The Revolution Away

Another night of burning and fighting in central Johannesburg (Braamfontein/Hillbrow) as protesting students torched a police van, rubber bullets were fired and the smell of teargas filled the air…No end in sight, but Zuma is putting contingencies in place. Just in case.

One of the first signs of a revolution is the increased paranoia of the ruling elite and as the noose is tightening around the neck of Zuma, he is becoming more and more paranoid and desperate by the day.

Zuma’s bodyguards – Your tax money hard at work protecting a rapist and murderer

Two days ago, Rapport and City Press reported that Zuma has doubled his security with members of the police’s special task force, as well as heavily armed soldiers. All the additional guards mean Zuma’s motorcade now regularly consists of more than 20 vehicles and motorcycles. Opposition members in parliament pointed out that the amount of money being spent on VIP protection services had increased by 50% over the past three years.

Just shows you what a coward and scaredy-cat Zuma has become.

Of course, being a Zuma bodyguard comes with risks as Phinda Thomo found out

Phinda Thomo

Apparently, he had an affair with Zuma’s wife Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma (MaNtuli) and knocked her up. Needless to say six years ago he was found in his bath in a pool of blood shot through the neck with a .357 Magnum in an apparent suicide. The case is still unresolved. His mother, friends, and family all said he was someone who loved life and would never have committed suicide.

Subsequent to that Zuma’s wife tried to poison him and he responded by chucking her out of his house in January 2015. These days, Ntuli-Zuma lives with her three minor children in a rented home in KwaZulu-Natal. She continues to receive spousal support from the president (read taxpayer).

Nevertheless, as the South African Revolution intensifies, Zuma is holding on for dear life. He knows that when (not if) he falls he will not only face 783 charges of fraud and corruption, but also murder will be added to his rap sheet.

It appears as if the mainstream media is also now in agreement with us, the lone voice bloggers, who have said that the #FeesMustFall movement has nothing to do with free education, but is a precursor to a bloody revolution. The real #FeesMustFall agenda: Fall of South African state? Brilliant analysis

Founder of Trader’s Corner, Garth Mackenzie is saying there are dark clouds ahead when he plays out the worst case scenario of Gupta State capture and it’s a tale of IMF bailouts, junk status and a road like Zimbabwe’s.

As the doings and screwing of the Zupta mob are being exposed on a daily basis and people are starting to connect the dots, it is not difficult to see what Solly Moeng meant when he said Time is running out for the collective Zupta mob

One of the worst libtards Adriaan Basson is also extremely worried about the fact that Zuma can summon Advocate Shaun Abrahams the current director of the supposed to be independent NDPP to Luthuli House (headquarters of the ANC) for a meeting with some talks with top-level ANC ministers and the next day Abrahams announced that he would arrest Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan for running a “Rogue spy unit” in his time at the South African Revenue Services”

Forget the Guptas – State capture just became much scarier

Even Liberal twat Max du Preez is starting to ask Is South Africa heading for revolution?

Max du Preez -apologies to all readers who are sick of his face

Of course, Max, writing from Tunisia, doesn’t think so officially , but cannot help that little voice of reason at the back of his mind. You can see that he has NO clue as to how revolutions start, develop and end, because he comes with rubbish like, “ The Tunisia revolution was caused by poverty, corruption, unemployment and inequality”…and it won’t happen by us, because “We are one of the most open societies in the world”.

According to Maxie…SA will experience a period of increased instability, but will then “self correct”.

Self Correct? Can you see the rose tinted liberal lenses Maxie looks through when he looks at his beloved “My little pony” Rainbow land?

Of course Maxie is doing the typical liberal ostrich thing; head in the sand and pretending it is not happening, but sticking your head in the sand is not going to make the revolution go away. It is going to get worse and as it escalates it will devour imbeciles like Max du Preez.