New online code-words outwit Leftist PC censorship. Ni**ers = Googles, a gay man is Butterfly and Muslims are Skittles.

The “Deplorables” strike back: How to identify privileged special interest groups and bypass the Establishment online censorship and protection of them.

A way has been found to outfox social media censors with a clever cheat sheet that allows them be as un-PC as they like, and expose Left Wing supremacist tech companies at the same time.

Many conservative and right wing communities have started adopting this unstoppable cheat sheet which lists code names to use when talking about minorities and special interest privileged groups the Left Wing establishment use to attack our rights.

In dodging automated sensors that search for certain words, users are free to be as un-PC as they like and have normal conversations.

Common words have been chosen so as to appear like “normal” conversations and include Skype, Skittles and Google and also to expose the Far Left Wing bias these tech companies have.

The slang cheat sheet was first seen on 4Chan, a controversial online forum where they started referring to Blacks as “Googles” given the company’s abuse of its power to let Hillary Clinton win.
The 4Chan chat forum sought to intentionally associate Google with racism after the company brought out Jigsaw which promised to use AI technology to prevent what it perceived as online abuse.

They used the word Google as if they were using a derogatory term, in the hope that the search engine giant would be forced to censor itself.
Subsequently Alex Goldman noticed a number of social media accounts using strange references to brands like Skype. He found the cheat sheet on Onsizzle after searching for the terms online.

According to the Independent, the idea behind the new language is an attempt to damage these Globalist brands they use by eventually having them associated with the special interest group they so love to defend and promote.

Some of the new codewords are as follows.

Skittle: an Arab or Muslim

Skype: Jew

Butterfly: Gay man

Fishbucket: Lesbian

Google: black person

Yahoo: Mexican

Car Salesman: Liberal/Democrat

Reagans: Conservative

A Leppo: Libertarian

A reference to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson’s “Aleppo moment” when he appeared to not know what Aleppo was.


Don Deon