New Trolls On The Horizon – Group Denying Genocide And Intent On Reporting Any Articles On #FARMATTACKS, #FARMMURDERS, #HATESPEECH, Etc

Anti Genocide Group

This is a very nasty bunch who started this Page. (Link posted below)

They are on a hunt to shut down any group or Page that claim that there’s genocide in South Africa.

They call whites all kind of derogatory names and belittle any who dare to post about the farm murders. They trash anyone who is an advocate for the cause of those who are being tortured, raped and murdered. But even worse is the fact that they troll through Facebook and Google on the hunt, taking screenshots and reporting all members to newspapers and law enforcement, as being racists and guilty of hate speech.

We don’t as a Page berate other Pages and Groups as policy but we think it wise to warn our followers not to vent here on our Page in a way that these witch hunters can find and report you.

Be on the lookout please for anyone you find on this Page who makes frequent comments on the Page we have copied as a link to below.

We know some of our fellow Pages are following this Page to ensure they do not incriminate our followers and admin.

Please beware that globally right now your rights to freedom of speech are being stripped and ANYTHING THEY DEEM IS RACIST IS BEING REPORTED.

By all means say that you are angry, speak out against Communist Marxist/Leninist Socialism. Say that you are appalled by the viciousness of the attacks. Cry out for the world to know the truth but please be very cautious about what you call these perpetrators. Remark on their behaviour as being evil, barbaric, vicious, hateful, revenge based, even go ahead and call their behaviour out as racist but do not call them directly any of the above or worse.

Suid-Afrikaners Teen Regse Rassehaat/ Unite Against Right Wing Racism