NWO Globalism in SA: Mboweni has a screw loose, he now wants to open Lesotho’s borders to form one-state with SA

It looks like Tito Mboweni has lost it completely. He issued a statement on social media stating that Lesotho must open its borders to form a federal state with South Africa.

This follows the political crisis in Lesotho. The country’s first “lady” is currently in flight after an arrest warrant was issued against her for the murder of the prime minister’s second wife. The European Union, the United Nations and the SA Development Community have been struggling to stabilize the situation in the neighboring country for 10 years.

Thousands of Basuto migrants and refugees are already living in South Africa. With a country like South Africa struggling to get its own affairs in order, it is futile to add another country that is plagued by riots and mismanagement as a federal state.

Livestock theft from Lesotho is already escalating in South Africa as thieves from the Mountain Kingdom supplement their “food shortages”.