Nhlangwini Trust Land Claimants Make 600 People Unemployed. A Once Proud Citrus Estate, Now In Shambles – Lisbon Estates, Lowveld

Lisbon Estates, the Lowveld’s largest and most productive citrus farms, lies derelict, dying and stripped of any item of value.

The 1400-hectare farm which was famous for its oranges, lemons, and mangoes, resembles a war zone.

Rows of trees are dead. The offices, packing houses, pumping shed and farm stall are just shells of rubble as every vestige of useable material have been plundered, including irrigation pipes and electric cables.

A legal battle for control is being fought between differing factions of the land claimants The Nhlangwini Trust.

The owners of the farm, the Boyles Group, have abandoned their bid to fight the Claimants.

In the meantime the R 100 Million farm has all but collapsed. 600 people are now left unemployed.