Open Letter To Ramaphosa: Mayhem At Charlotte Maxeke Hospital (Old Johannesburg Hospital)

Not that I that I believe for a moment that it would in anyway change things or make a difference, but tonight I would like to vent my anger.

If this barbaric, anarchistic and bloodthirsty criminal behaviour takes over and cripples our hospitals, then the writing is on the wall for South Africa.
Should one not feel safe and cared for in our country’s best equipped and world-class hospital? The Hospital is the Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, better known as the old Johannesburg Hospital.
A strike inside the hospital. So what? What about it? A helluva lot about it when the Police uses tear-gas and shoots rubber bullets inside the Hospital.
On my crutches, I hobbled away and hid in the toilet for more than an hour. My Sister, Susan, was, fortunately, waiting for my medication and got locked up in the main pharmacy with a crowd of people. I was convinced we in a thriller movie, it was so surreal. I didn’t even want to be at the hospital today, I shouldn’t have been here today – but the doctor summoned me to hospital.
Then the hospital turned into a war zone. Who is to blame?
Earlier the morning, the protestors gave Hospital Management an undertaking that their protest action would be properly managed and be peaceful. They apparently did, until Julius Malema addressed them and incited them with his usual garbage. but made sure he left the scene before the Police arrived
I’m one of the thousands of patients that depend on the Johannesburg Hospital because I do not have Health Insurance and I need medical care.
My only question tonight to Cyril Ramaphosa and his corrupt Government is: where do I, as a cancer patient, go for vital treatment as I cannot go to a Hospital because my life is threatened?
By: Charl van der Westhuizen