Oppressed White South African Minority Arm Themselves to Defend Their Farms, Family and Freedom (Video)

Controversial plans to amend the constitution to enable land grabs without compensation in South Africa, are raising already high tensions among the nation’s white minority, many of whom have taken to arming themselves, not only to protect themselves and their family in a crime ridden country, but also to defend their property or farms against government seizures.

Despite the socialist ANC regime making it extremely difficult to own weapons in SA, white South Africans have no choice but to move to the last resort as all other avenues seem to have failed.

The private security industry in South Africa is one of the biggest in the world due to the complete failure of the South African Police force under auspices of the ANC regime. The SA Police force, and the army and health service, etc. have simply become avenues for redistribution of tax wealth and a reward for loyal ANC supporters through the ANC regimes “cadre deployment” scheme, whereby ANC supporters are given government jobs even if they are not qualified or able to do the job.


Video from One America’s Kristian Rouz

More than half of the SA Defense Force has AIDS and it appears the army is being used as a method of supplying these people AIDS medicine and free healthcare…

The same process will be applied to farms when and if they are expropriated without compensation. We have already seen 90% of farms that have been taken in land claims just end up lying fallow as the blacks who receive them have no interest in actual farming. Thousands of black and coloured farm workers have been put out of work due to this insane policy. Most claimants end up taking the money…

This will lead to massive food shortages in the region, which is already suffering after Zimbabwe, which used to be the breadbasket of Africa when it was Rhodesia, followed the same path of land grabs and ended up with the worst economy in the world where people even resorted to eating grass.

Sadly it is clear the West promotes and tolerates this inhumanity and abuse because they still give billions in Aid to these despots…

Don V

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