NWO Traitor Pienk Frikkie De Klerk’s New “Centre Of Diversity” And What It Actually Means

Sorry to disappoint you, but arch traitor and supremacist Pink Frikkie has not croaked yet. Together with the German Konrad Adenauer Foundation, he has just launched the Centre for Diversity.

De Klerk launches Centre for Diversity to encourage race relations

He had a lot to say last night. Probably too many brandies and cokes already. According to Pink Frikkie on Friday Many white South Africans will be forced to leave the country, because of BEE and AA policies

Apparently, he is also Very critical of Jacob Zuma because “the African National Congress has not upheld former president and ANC stalwart Nelson Mandela’s legacy but is instead promoting racism.”

What legacy of Mandela might that be? Mandela was a convicted terrorist and an idiot as president. He was a racist who couldn’t stand being in the company of whites for longer than 15 minutes. He used to get all jittery and aggressive when there were too many whites around him and had no problem to voice his disapproval and wanted them to leave. The newspapers never mentioned this.

However, De Klerk said…Equal respect and dignity are under threat in the New South Africa

”You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”
— Inigo Montoya, “The Princess Bride”

What is the aim of his new Centre for Diversity?

“The centre should consider encouraging white South Africans to understand the depth of the hurt apartheid policies had caused to non-whites.”

You see the plan? Race relations in the country are only going to improve if whites pull out their intestines about how bad they were to the blacks and how evil Apartheid was.

I don’t know why, but every time I hear De Klerk speak, I get a pain in my butt and the word “[email protected]@s” drifts past my brain.

When he speaks you can actually hear the effects of what years and years of alcohol abuse do to the human brain. There was a time that I just wanted the senile thing to shut the [email protected]@k up and die, but now I think keeping him alive and letting him watch the fruits of his treason is a better and more apt punishment. Although I would still like to see him put up against a wall and face a firing squad, I think a bullet to the brain would be far too humane for a piece of shit like him. He needs to die slowly and in agony. I hope he lives long enough to see the country go tits up and burn down along with his FW de Klerk Foundation in Durbanville and his new Centre for Diversity. I hope he sees the results of his wonderful “Diversity” that he helped to bring about through treason.

What do people understand under “Diversity”? One would think that it is different races living alongside each other in peace, harmony and “good neighbourliness”, but hang on…Wasn’t that the vision of Dr HF Verwoerd? Wasn’t that Apartheid?

We tried it and apparently it didn’t work? Now we have the New “Diverse” South Africa and it is also not working. De Klerk seems to be critical of it. So what now? What is this “Diversity” he strives for?

If a black family lives next to a white family you still have Apartheid. The area is just smaller, but you still have a fence between you and them. So what should it be? Take the fences away? Or should we have children with a string of different coloured women like his useless loser son Willem? What is “Diversity”?

Let us explore and start with a “Diversity” of ideas.

I disagree with De Klerk that race relations will improve when whites pull out their intestines about Apartheid. In my opinion, race relations will only improve when one or the other becomes extinct in South Africa. Either blacks have to go completely or whites will have to go completely, because as long as the two share the same country there will never be peace and only bad race relations. The evidence is abundantly all around. There will NEVER be equality, tolerance and respect for each other. It is a useless pipe dream.

Now do you think that is what De Klerk and his liberal idiots want to hear? Would they have tolerance for my diverse opinion? Like hell, they have. To liberals “Diversity” means conformity; conforming to their opinion and theirs only. It means “people who agree with me.” ..and if you do insist on having a different opinion; “You are a racist”.

In Libspeak, “Diversity” means the exclusion of white, heterosexual Christians, especially white males. “Equality” means preferential treatment for darker races, “Tolerance” means the approval and endorsement of perverse, deviant lifestyles and “Democracy” mean Marxism.

That is the bottom line. Liberals use code words to mean something completely different to what normal people understand under those words.

“Diversity” to a liberal means all becoming the same godless, one race; a mixed, coloured, homosexual race.

In short, “Diversity” is a paradox to a liberal that actually means the absence of “Diversity”.

It is clear that Libtards have no idea of what the word actually means and they should not even try to understand it because they are incapable of it. They are incapable of clear and logical thought.

Take it from me: De Klerk’s “Centre of Diversity” is just another “Centre of Liberal Bullshit” to undermine the whites of South Africa and keep them enslaved.

Cicero, in deciding whether a person was guilty or not, always asked the question, “Cui Bono?” (Who profits?) …just follow the money and you will get to the truth eventually.

 By Mike Smith