Racist UNHCR. Why do white asylum seekers have to prove persecution yet non-whites are just accepted and given residence or citizenship?

Zimbabwean blacks get asylum no questions asked yet Zimbabwean whites get deported despite proven media coverage of white persecution in Zimbabwe?

Yet another case study of the Racist UNHCR policies and their puppet governments. Please sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/department-of-immigration-appeals-tribunal-appeal-to-the-immigration-tribunal-help-our-zimabwean-family-stay-in-australia

My father-in-law and his wife have been through so many horrific ordeals in Zimbabwe as ex farmers as well as in the tourism industry. They were persecuted, beaten, cut and threatened that they would be found and killed for a number of years by three rouge CID Officers in Kariba, Zimbabwe, right up to the day before they managed to leave Harare and come to Western Australia on a 457 Business Long Stay Visa, as this was the quickest way for them to leave.

They have since been safely residing here in Western Australia and applied for a Protection Visa so that they would not be returned to Zimbabwe, in fear for their lives and not forgetting financial hardship if they returned. They have many family here including grandchildren, son and daughter-in-law, brother and sister-in-law, mother, sister, cousins etc. who are all residing in Western Australia and are Citizens of Australia. If our parents return to Zimbabwe this be will devastating to the whole family as the liklihood of them being murdered is extremely high. They also fear they will never see their grandchildren or any of their family again.

Recently their application for a Protection Visa was denied and they are currently appealing to the Immigration Tribunal in the hope that they will understand the horrific ordeals that they have been through, and that it is extremely unsafe for them to return to Zimbabwe. We are hoping that the Appeals Tribunal will be compassionate and understanding and overturn the recent decision by the Department of Immigration.

Please Australia, we as a family are appealing to all of you to please help our family by signing this petition so that our parents who are hardworking, law abiding people, will be allowed to stay here in Australia.

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