SA Navy Sleeping or Bribed? 6 Chinese Trawlers caught disappearing off radar in Sardine Run off Transkei coast

Has the SA Navy been Bribed or are they asleep? 6 Chinese Trawlers caught disappearing off radar in Sardine Run off Transkei coast by member of public with cellphone and R50 App.
Can someone explain to me why, as an armchair warrior with a cellphone and a cheap android application I can identify at least half a dozen Chinese fishing trawlers that mysteriously disappeared whilst travelling along our Transkei coastline last night?
The screenshots below show how these vessels all disappeared from 9 to 3am this morning in an area known to be holding sardines amassing for their annual migration.
Surely, as Africa’s military powerhouse that has spent billions on naval vessels to protect our coastline from poachers and hostile forces, with a multi-billion Rand budget for vessel monitoring and around the clock operations, our navy should be doing this?
Or is it true that every one of our vessels is parked off in harbour either because one of our wonderful technicians/captains broke them, crashed them or don’t have the slightest clue on how to maintain them? Is it true that our control rooms might as well be unmanned because of the unwritten executive orders to overlook Chinese trawlers in our waters and general ineptitude?
What are the chances, really, that each and every one of these vessels is NOT loaded to the hilt with our sardines? What are the chances that they aren’t about to hook up with a larger processing vessel shortly to offload their catch and take another swipe at our stocks illegally?
I mean all it takes, apparently, is to switch off their AIS beacons….
And here we are thinking up all sorts of climatic reasons that the sardine migration doesn’t happen – meanwhile it’s because our sardines are on the tables of our Chinese masters that have lined our SA politicians pockets…..
I challenge our SA navy to prove that they haven’t been shown to be irrelevant by someone with a cellphone and a R50 ship tracking application.
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