SA Will End Far Worse Than Venezuela, Because… “Racism”! As Month Long Siege of Barberton Ends, Mainstream Media Continues to Hide ANC’s Socialist Power Grab!

POWER ALWAYS CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY, and in South Africa, it will be no different, it will be far worse, as there is no opposition, because… “racism“! The Liberal mass media blackout of anarchy in rural SA towns like Barberton, which has just been under siege for a month, continues. The silence in the liberal press is strange given their overwhelming endorsement of the forced merger of Barberton and Nelspruit municipalities 4 years ago, which has led to this prolonged unrest.

Barberton was left in chaos after black rioters put the town under siege for a month. The riots followed the enforced amalgamation of the Baberton and Nelspruit municipalities 4 years ago, because the Nelspruit municipality was bankrupt. Rioters were angry over what they said is bad service delivery (although they still voted ANC). The thinking at the time, heavily endorsed by liberal media, for various reasons, was that with one Municipality being bankrupt, and the other one doing relatively well, the bankrupt one would then also do well.

So if you put a bad apple in with a basket of good apples, the bad apple will be healed right?

As we could have predicted. the good apple turned bad too and now Barberton suffers from the corruption and cancer that inflicted Nelspruit, causing the residents to understandably be upset. Yet now the mainstream media is silent. A group of Afriforum members have now worked with security companies and local people from the hardware shop Mica, to clean up Barberton’s streets on Tuesday. The whole siege of Baberton was led by 2 instigators who have been arrested and appeared in court on Monday. They will probably be the scapegoats to cover what is really going on – an ongoing¬† socialist power grab. But there will be no opposition, because “racism”.


MSM lies


The whole motivation 4 years ago that Nelspruit was bankrupt and needed help, was just a ruse to create a larger power base. ANC leaders came up with all kinds of clever sounding words like “capacitisation”, etc. Deceptively they were using Capitalist policies to justify implementing communist ideas. Communist centralization of power, is happening all over the country, to many municipalities, but no one knows, because mainstream media, who also have a socialist Marxist agenda, are deliberately hiding it. This is one of the reasons why ANC central government is not too perturbed by corruption in local municipalities, because bankrupt municipalities aids their agenda of centralising power and amalgamating even more Municipalities, into massive power bases, so they can share more spoils amongst fewer despots / leaders.

And there will be no opposition, because “racism”.

All roads going into Barberton town were closed last week but most are now open. Schools are still closed after rioters invaded Hoerskool Barberton last week and assaulted learners and teachers. Ian Cameron of Afriforum says that owners of local businesses have lost millions in income and some may even close shop permanently due to financial losses. The business owners asked Afriforum to intervene last week after the town was totally cut off and municipal services had come to a standstill. Four trucks belonging to local businesses were burnt out during the riots and 2 buildings as well, one of which housed the local ANC.


Barberton siege

Barberton, Socialist South Africa



Socialist Venezuela

These month long riots were not covered in liberal English media or in any publications of Afrikaans liberal mediahouse Naspers. The only communication coming out of Barberton for the entire time, was via private people on Facebook, and independent media like SA-News, SAUK Nuus and Maroela Media, etc.

But there will be no opposition, because “racism”.

SA-News aims to be a platform for the opposition and is a voluntary citizen journalism platform, brought to you by volunteers who don’t make money out of it and who also have to provide for themselves through other jobs. This particular story is important because it shows you how liberals in the media will abandon people, whose lives are affected by liberal policies, and leave them high and dry. Why do people still trust liberals despite so many examples of failure, not to mention communism and centralisation of power, which has many examples worldwide of eventually ending in genocide. And there was no opposition, because “racism”.

Barberton protest

Barberton, Socialist South Africa


Venezuela protest

Socialist Venezuela

Take into consideration that liberals, globalists and black supremacists in the mainstream media create the narrative that is based on demonising the white minority the whole time, to make them out as the baddies, so that the ANC and EFF can be portrayed as heroes in the black majority’s eyes, even though the problems the black majority suffer are almost exclusively as a result of ANC and EFF Socialist policy! They say to commit genocide, all that is required is an obedient citizenry.

Venezuela here we come… and it will be far worse, as there is no opposition allowed in SA, because “racism”.

Socialist South Africa


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