SAHRC says public inquiry on rural land used for research purposes

JOHANNESBURG – The Human Rights Commission hosted a public inquiry on Wednesday into the impact of rural land use and ownership in the country in order for further research to be conducted.

The commission says land has always been a prominent and emotive issue in South Africa and policies must provide redress for historical displacement while also ensuring sustainable production, employment and equitable growth.

The African National Congress has recently assured residents that the land reform programme will be done in an orderly manner.

The Human Rights Commission’s Gail Smith says they held this exploratory inquiry to look at ownership patterns on human rights.

“Given the magnitude and the complexity of the land issue ins South Africa, this hearing really is intended to serve as the basis for further in-depth research that our research department is going to be doing on land restitution and use patterns in South Africa. It also is going to form the basis of our engagements with state departments.”