Savage farm attack, elderly couple severely injured, Theoville

An elderly couple outside Theoville outside Vanderbijlpark was literally beaten awake in their bed with steel pipes on Sunday morning, 4 November 2018, whilst they were sleeping. They stay on a smallholding. The savage beating continued even after the safe keys were handed over to the attackers.

Hennie Jansen van Rensburg (66) and his wife Adri woke up with blows from the pipes raining on them. There were three black male terrorists.

Hennie was especially beaten on his back. The attackers eventually plundered the house and fled in the couple’s City Golf. The vehicle was found by Police where it came to a stop without fuel and a pistol and some stolen items found back in the vehicle. The attackers got away with cellphones, cash etc.

Hennie is still in hospital with serious back injuries.