Slaughter on farms continues in SA! Horrific farm attack: Rape, violent assault, kidnapping, robbery in Glendale, KZN

A horrific farm attack took place on 9 January 2020, at 23:00 on the farm Tregenia, in the Kranskloof area of Glendale, KwaZulu Natal province.

Mr. R Moodley heard banging on the door and when he opened it he was overpowered by three attackers who were armed with a cane knife (panga), a knife and a crowbar. Other occupants of the home, a Mrs. R Naidoo and Miss C Naidoo were assaulted and tied up with electrical cord.

The attackers took four cell phones and a Lenovo laptop and then forced Miss C Naidoo to drive to the Mvoti Shell Ultra City and forced her to draw money. They then made her drive to the Tinley Manor area where she was raped by two of the attackers. After the rape ordeal she was forced to drive to the R102 Glendale crossing where they got out of the vehicle and fled.

The Glendale police are investigating the attack and cases of house robbery, kidnapping and rape but there have been no arrests yet.