Somalis from South Africa get Asylum in USA due to #BantuXenophobia, but not whites despite State Persecution, Farm Murders, Land Grabs, etc.?

Since Ramaphosa and Malema unleashed the Socialist Land Expropriation without compensation bomb in South Africa, conservative sectors of the Western world have finally started taking notice of the evil menace that Bantu Imperialism presents to Europeans in Africa. However it seems USA has long known that Bantu xenophobia threatens all tribes in Africa. In fact the USA has even been offering Asylum to Somalis in South Africa, who, as we see in regular press reports, have been subjected to xenophobic treatment by South African bantu (negro’s originally hailing from Northern Nigeria) in South Africa.

In a report on the USA website, we learn that the State Department wants to pluck mostly Somalis out of the xenophobic South Africa (S.A. bantu have been terrorizing blacks from elsewhere in Africa. South Africa was designated a “safe” country by UNHCR for african refugees who mistakenly believed the “Rainbow Nation” propaganda and went there for a better life, only to be attacked by the SA bantu.)

US State Department in September of 2017: From Southern Africa, we expect to admit 1,500 refugees – primarily Somalis from South Africa and Congolese from Malawi, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

As witnessed by UNHCR News reports, bantu xenophobia is clearly a concern of theirs. Who can forget images of humans being burnt alive in South Africa.

Bantu Xenophobia

It’s a little-known fact that, under current practice, more than 95 percent of refugees admitted to the U.S. are hand-selected by the United Nations. [The UN’s Role in U.S. Refugee Resettlement By Nayla Rush,, January 11, 2016] If South African white farmers are going to be rescued, it’s going to have to be in spite of the United Nations! According to the great Ann Corcoran, who follows the refugee racket at Refugee Resettlement Watch, everything in the DNA of the United Nations is geared toward only helping refugees who are black and brown.

“The Left would go nuts,” she says, if Trump were to propose an airlift for white South Africans, even though there have been petitions and pleas asking for this.

South Africa’s white farmers have their collective heads on the block following the vote by the country’s parliament to expropriate their land without compensation. The plan’s main proponent, Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters party, says white farmers are “criminals” who must be driven off the land. Make no mistake, this is shorthand for extermination and genocide!

Congress should immediately direct that U.S. refugee policy be reoriented to rescue these victims threatened by looming—indeed, developing—genocide, as it did with the notorious Lautenberg Amendment, which captured the U.S. refugee intake to favor Soviet Jews.

But President Trump doesn’t have to wait—there is precedent for immediate Executive Action.

Even the Leftist Newsweek Magazine takes a dim view of the future for white farmers in a country once touted as a burgeoning “rainbow” paradise where “one man, one vote” and Marxist central planning would lead to prosperity for all South Africans—blacks, whites, coloreds and Asians. Their article was titled: Thousands Sign Petition Asking Trump to Let White Farmers in South Africa Migrate to U.S. After Country Votes to Force Them Off Land, by Chantal Da Silver, Newsweek, March 1, 2018]

The story noted a online petition of more than 19,000 signatures asking Trump to accept white South African Christians in place of Somali Muslims and Middle Easterners who are difficult to vet and prone to non-assimilation. There’s also a White House petition: Immigration Priority to South African Farmers facing Systematic Land Confiscations and Murder February 28, 2018.


According to the 1951 Geneva Convention On The Status Of Refugees [PDF] a refugee is defined as a person who has a “well-founded fear of persecution” due to their religious or political beliefs, or their racial or ethnic background.

No one fits this definition better than white South Africans.

The nine Refugee Racketeers, federal contractor such as World Relief, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops and Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services, are hurting right now due to Trump’s drastic cuts in the inflow. They get paid by the head for every refugee they bring to the U.S. With fewer refugees arriving, they have been squawking about having to close offices and pare staffs.

“But this is where we call their bluff,” Corcoran says. “Do you really want more refugees or do you just want to import more Muslims from Africa? Do they not want to save white Christians facing genocide?”

For a Catholic organization, or an evangelical organization like World Relief, that should be a powerful argument. Shouldn’t it?


“This would turn the U.N. on its head, because they have built up this entire meme that only black and brown people are persecuted,” Corcoran said. “They’re not built for that. They’re only built for white people being the evil persecutors of the world.”

A South African airlift would bring not only farmers but highly skilled workers to the West.

It is therefore astounding that USA takes over thousand black Africans—mostly Somalis—as refugees from South Africa every year, but not the whites?

Did you know that refugee contractor Church World Service is working with the UN and the US State Department in Johannesburg to move Africans of all stripes that South Africa doesn’t want (except of course the white ones!) to USA?  I wonder what would happen if whites started showing up there to apply for refugee status?

Surprisingly, President Trump does ALREADY have the power to arrange for an emergency declaration for the clearly persecuted farmers. Trump already holds all the executive power he needs, and the legal cover, to pull off a sweeping rescue mission of South African refugees. A provision in the 1980 Refugee Act specifically allows for emergency extraction of vulnerable populations subject only to a Congressional hearing (not legislation):

(B) After the President initiates appropriate consultation prior to making a determination, under subsection (b), that the number of refugee admissions should be increased because of an unforeseen emergency refugee situation, to the extent that time and the nature of the emergency refugee situation permit, a hearing to review the proposal to increase refugee admissions shall be held unless public disclosure of the details of the proposal would jeopardize the lives or safety of individuals.

Of course, ideally Trump could also get Congress on board with a plan for an emergency increase in refugees from South Africa. He could lean on Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. to pitch in and accept these threatened farmers.

It’s been done before. In 1990 the U.S. Congress adopted legislation creating the Lautenberg program, named after U.S. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, to resettle Soviet Jews in the United States.

The Lautenberg program was then expanded in 2003 to pave the way for persecuted Iranian Christians to be resettled in the U.S.

All that is needed is for the president to step up and lead. Some of the funding could certainly be transferred from the existing refugee resettlement program, with emergency funding filling in the gaps. Once awareness is built up, Congress must be pushed to allocate additional funding. Trump should start by drawing awareness to the problem. That would lead to more air time for the South African situation on Fox News and talk-radio shows like Rush Limbaugh who have mass audiences.

The truth is most Americans have no idea what is going on in South Africa—but if they did, they would certainly support a massive refugee airlift.

There are already regions of South Africa where it is illegal for whites to own land, based simply on the color of their skin. As Stefan Molyneux has said, this racial hatred against whites, if it were reversed, would top the U.S. evening news every night. Molyneux urges that the West act proactively and resettle South African whites as refugees before they are dispossessed and killed by the country’s racist government.

Seems like a no-brainer that the office could be directed (by the new Secretary of State Pompeo) to start processing the white South Africans (there is plenty of evidence that they are being persecuted due to their race).

For those in the refugee industry who say that refugees must have left the country of their persecution before consideration, that whole concept is out the window now since we have processed Iraqis directly from Iraq.  We were processing Cubans from an office in Cuba and right now we are bringing in Ukrainians (1,027 so far this fiscal year) directly from Ukraine.

Bottomline, if the President wanted to do it, he could just tell the State Department to shift its priorities for resettlement and use some of the remaining 15,812 slots from Africa for white South Africans.

Trump doesn’t even need any emergency declaration because in his Presidential Determination for Fiscal Year 2018, here, you can see in the graph below that he has 19,000 slots allocated for the resettlement of African refugees to the US.

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