Sorting Out The ANC’s Post Election Priorities

You know what I like about the ANC? They always have their priorities straight and sorted out.

South Africa is getting new car license plates

An official unemployment rate of 27%, in reality, closer to 50%, and all they are worried about are new license plates…and renaming streets after their dead Communist terrorists. Brilliant!

Well, to be fair, Pretoria is DA now and the DA renamed streets in Cape Town…so maybe the DA don’t have their priorities straight either and we have nothing better to look forward to.

Nevertheless…Maybe I am just wrong. Maybe the ANC know exactly what their priorities are. Three days ago the British press reported, the ANC veteran coward who ran away from their hell camps and turned thieving corrupt bastard and Zupta crony, Kebby Maphatsoe, warned South Africa’s white minority that they face ‘uprising’ and Zimbabwe-style land grab

Nothing new. They lost 9% in the election mainly to the EFF and now they blame the 9% whites in the country. It is not their own misrule, corruption, open theft, cronyism, lies and general inability to deliver on their promises…No…9% whites own 99% of all the land and occupy 99% of all their jobs and historically stole 99% of all their cattle and 99% of all their mud huts and 99% of all their spears and 99% of the loin cloths they wore and 99% of all the other wealth they possessed.

Hell man, these racist whites with their evil colonialism and Apartheid stole 99% of their soles.

You know, I was actually looking forward to the time after the elections just so that the ANC’s blatant anti-white racist campaign and blame game could come to an end, but it seems as if it only kicked into high gear now.

It should be clear to the simplest of minds that out of the 9% (4 million) whites a quarter is children and another quarter is old people. Further, according to the BBC BBC: 400,000 whites live in shacks and Wendy houses in South Africa

It is statistically impossible that the whites can occupy all this land and all these jobs the ANC accuses them of, but it doesn’t matter how many facts, statistics and graphs you produce…it doesn’t matter how much you try to rebut the ANC lies with truth and logic, it will never be enough.

Do 40,000 whites own 80% of SA? The claim is incorrect

Blacks own 50% of all the land in SA not 13%

The distribution of land in South Africa: An overview

The fact and the reality are that the blacks LOVE to believe these lies. It feeds their hatred of whites and they love to hate… and therefore the ANC is so good at it. In fact, it is the only thing the ANC is good at; fanning the flames of anti-white hatred.

Sometimes I find it unbelievable how much energy the ANC waste to find a scapegoat to blame for their own inadequacies and failures. Amazing how much energy they put into spreading their lies and hatred of whites. If only the ANC put so much energy into sorting out crime and governing properly; governing cleanly without corruption, without theft and appointed civil servants and sport teams on merit not on skin colour, they would probably find that 99% of whites would vote for them. No it is too difficult, too much effort to be normal and not corrupt. It is too difficult and too much effort NOT to steal, rape and murder. Too much effort to restrain and hold down that inner beast…and with the little bit of energy they have left…they change street names and number plates. The mind boggles.

Sometimes I just wish the ANC would stop talking and blaming and just be honest. They should stop trying to bullshit and just do what they want to do. We know the agenda. Who do they think they are fooling?

You know what? I am not a racist. I don’t like blacks to hate. I like to see blacks happy and smiling. So I fully support the ANC. When it comes to priorities you identify what is the most difficult thing to do and you tackle that first. Sort it out.

The ANC should just go out and take all the white farms, all the white homes, all the white jobs, all the white cars, all the white mines and all the white businesses, all the white banks and chase out all the whites from the country…and see if that will improve the lives of blacks and makes them smile, because the way it stands at the moment is that, as long as there is one white person in the country, occupying one job that a black could have, holding onto one grain of sand that should be in the possession of a black person…there will never be peace in the country. It is only when that last white person goes that blacks will stop hating and start smiling and be happy.

By Mike Smith