SOUTH AFRICA: “This Is A Country Deeply Embroiled In Black Racism – But Lo And Behold – Let Us Once Again Blame The Whites!”


WHITE South Africa woke to yet another protest against alleged (white) “racism” at Pretoria Girls’ High School. A young black girl making a sign using cross fists at a teacher went viral on social (leftist) media and education MEC Panyaza Lesufi (as could be expected)  promised to ” investigate.” If it was a white girl making a sign using cross fists at a teacher, not a single squeak would have been uttered by either the leftist media OR his “honorable” Lesufi.

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Black learners at the school apparently claimed they were told to straighten their “untidy” natural hair (which on the photo below appears ANYTHING but “natural”)  and to stop speaking anything but English. (which is a language FORCED down upon schools by the communist regime.)   They went on a protest on Sunday, with security personnel threatening to arrest them.  Lesufi announced on Sunday he would be visiting Pretoria Girls’ on Monday morning to address allegations of “racism.” The leftist Citizen’s reporter, Virginia Keppler, has been drooling with the MEC at the school and listened to the “grievances” of a number of (black) pupils. Early on Thursday afternoon, Tshwane’s new executive mayor, Solly Msimanga, also jumped into the fray to score political points and made an appearance at the school.

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The following are the things that girls and the leftist anti-white fraternity allegedly finds “disturbing,”  with the number and variety of complaints coming in thick and fast.

Among the allegations raised by the girls are:

  • A pupil saying Lesufi that a teacher said her hair looks like a bird’s nest and that she looked like a sheep.
  • Another pupil alleges a teacher called her and her friends monkeys in front of the class.
  • One girl alleged being called a “dirty kaffir”. (O my Gosh, here the false allegations go again)
  • She alleged being compared to the Bart Simpson TV cartoon character.
  • Another girl claims they forced her to undo her “Bantu knots” and get thinner dreadlocks.
  • When they went camping, another girl says an instructor told them he was “not interested in black chicks”. When they complained to a teacher at the camp, allegedly nothing was done.
  • An instructor allegedly threatened the pupils by saying “he would make them bleed” and was not afraid of their parents.
  • Some girls were allegedly told they “belonged” in schools in Mamelodi.
  • When a group of white girls told one black pupil her English was broken and bad, the teacher allegedly laughed. ( Yea, here goes those AWFUL “whites” again.)
  • They heard a comment from a teacher saying that “black girls worry too much about politics and that’s why they have no black achievers in education.”
  • Black girls have been told they “focus too much on race”.
  • A teacher apparently tried to justify dividing black girls up into their ethnic groups, but not the white girls, saying it was a “geography exercise”.
  • When the girls decided to wear black hoodies to school, management of the school allegedly called in extra security.
  • They allege being physically “manhandled.”
  • They say guns were used by security.
  • One girl says she was victimized for wearing a badge saying, “Hi, don’t be racist”.
  • Apparently, there was a case of “blackface”, where white girls painted their faces black. ( I need a whiskey and a LARGE one at that.-Ed)

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In response to the above, Lesufi assured the pupils that he was there to protect the girls. “Your pain will never again continue,” he said. There was a lot of crying from many of the girls. (Can we make that a DOUBLE Scotch please) One explained that her mother had forced her to cut her hair and said she “didn’t want trouble” at the school. He added that if some of the (white) teachers needed to “pack their bags and leave”, then that would have to happen and he was even willing to look at the need to change school rules if required. He said he would not allow girls to be judged on the color of their skin. ( Here we go again)

The girls named a number of teachers as supposedly being the  “culprits,” but not all of them were present in the room. A black parent speaking for the girls said she was proud of the girls and that they were speaking on behalf of all other pupils in these “types” of schools. The mother said that “money is neither black nor white”, in reference to the fact that she paid school fees like anyone else, but that “her trust in white people was broken.” “I can’t trust white people’s hearts.”

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According to the petition, which gathered 4 201 (mainly black) signatures by early Monday morning, the school was originally being accused of forcing black girls to straighten their natural hair and “conspiring” when standing in groups. The latter charge appeared to be related to the fact that only English is allowed to be spoken. The girls are demanding an acknowledgment of the “racism”  at the school and an “apology.”  They also want the school’s “hair rules” amended. The school claims many of these issues were not brought to its attention.

The post by University of Pretoria SRC member Luvuyo Menziwa spells out why he hates whites. In the post, he says: “I hate white people: white privilege, white dominance, white arrogance, white monopoly capital and white superiority. F*ck white people, just get me a bazooka or an AK47 so I can do the right thing and kill these demon possessed humans.”  The message ends with: “NB: There is a distinction between the whites and white people as per my knowledge and understanding.” BUT WE DO NOT HEAR OR SEE RACIST VIRGINIA KEPPLER COVERING THE STORY OR THE MEC LESUFI UTTERING A WORD ON ANY OF THE ANTI-BLACK SENTIMENTS FLUNG AROUND BY THIS CHAP.




( Let me try a better version: EVERY school has rules and one of those rules is that your hair must be neat and tidy. This rule did not apply exclusively to Pretoria girls but is  in fact an age old rule from days gone by. If you take a look at the girl’s hair in the picture above, would you say that is neat?  Would you say the pupil sitting behind her would have any chance of seeing the blackboard in front of her? OF all the anti-white racist propaganda I have ever heard Virginia Keppler (Link) takes the school bus home.  (You can look at her arrogant profile here (Link)  Ironically she hates whites so much but speaks AFRIKAANS?)  She REALLY tries to ram whites down Davey Jones’ locker with her hidden anti-white sentiments. The whole spectacle reeks of anti-white racist propaganda. This REALLY is the pinnacle of colored liberal propaganda to again make whites look like demons if I ever saw one. Keppler is using the leftist Citizen to promote her own racist hatred against whites. I do not even want to talk about Lesufi et al, he is MARINATED in anti-white racism and then left to ferment in it as well. I am not even going to comment on all the sudden “black face, “dirty kaffir”,”Monkeys”,  “manhandling” and who knows what other trumped-up bullsh*t emerged from the poor crying girls against their WHITE teachers. WHAT A LOT OF LIES AND FABRICATIONS!  All that is missing is physical abuse, rape, bloodletting  and execution of a few black girls and the picture of horrible atrocities in that school of “horrors”. The majority black people REALLY must grow up and start to act like adults if they ever want to compete in a fast-changing western Society. The days of whining, playing the poor “oppressed victim”, burning schools- singling whites out for all your “grievances”, riots and “hash-tagging” your way up the ladder of society to a good job , ” freebees” and promotions are but finished.  NONE of the other races are bitching and complaining so much about the whites as the blacks do. This only points to a deep racist hatred against whites. People are getting sick and tired of this constant  bleating about “racism” coming from the black government and their constitutional lackeys. BUT if you are black you can do anything and say anything , slander whites, blame everyone else in South Africa and even murder your fellow African brothers by burning them the necklace way still THAT is “acceptable ” and does not make you a “racist.” Black patheticism  and their deep-rooted jealous vindictiveness are about to become their own worst enemy! -Ed)