SOUTH AFRICA: When The Ruling Demons Become Greedier Than The Devil Controlling Them



THE mainly black African National  Confusion communist idiots in control of the South African economy ostensibly are busy writing a last desperate final financial epitaph – that  for future financial historians – will force many intelligent observers to raise more than just an eyebrow. The banality of these half-wit so-called “decision makers” in Luthuli-House are simply mind-boggling, to say the least. The way they now are scrambling to manufacture illogical financial laws and take macabre decisions like gunning down Pravin Gordhan. the only individual in that African National Circus in the  Luthuli House zoo with some logical sense will even stun a bunch of monkeys. 

However, there are some dark  motives behind the  secret communist aberration to totally plunge the country into a final economic abyss. The reason for this financial implausible decisions and frantic scramble points to one reason only- their fear after the recent municipal elections – to  be ousted by their masters and commanders in the IMF   “elite” (Kazarian) polatriat.


Looking at the irrational and the indiscriminate way these communist oafs are now wasting money, stealing and plundering of the state coffers, corruption and foolish squandering of much-needed state funding, as well as manufacturing hair-brained illogical financial “laws”,– one can only deduct that they by now are realizing their time in the pound seats is but running out fast. The latest municipal elections are having a destructive effect among the top scoundrels in the African National  Confusion. Their little ivory tower is crumbling and there is basically monkey-sh*t they can do about it.’ The criminals in the “governing” mafioso mob also know their time of plundering and mind-screwing the populace is all about finished. Gwede Mantashe, that ever present “guardian bum nugget” of Jacob Zuma, on various occasions mentioned it that “ 3rd forces” and “ forces beyond control” are busy conniving to oust the African National Confusion  from power.  Last week  Gwede Mantashe accused their Jewish masters of mobilizing opposition against the African National Confusion: “Clandestine meetings promoting regime change in South Africa were being held regularly at the United States embassy in Pretoria, African National Congress Secretary-General, Gwede Mantashe, said on Friday.“As we mobilise our people, we must be vigilant. You must see through anarchy and people who are out there in a programme of regime change. We are aware of the meetings taking place regularly at the American embassy,” Mantashe told thousands of ANC supporters at the Union Buildings in Pretoria.” (Link) 

Then Keith Khoza directly accused US diplomats of “irregular activities”, claiming that Washington is trying to foment regime change inside the country.(Link) 

This is a clear indication  that these mobsters in Luthuli-House are WELL aware of the fact that their own Kazarian handlers, who were financing and kept them in power over the past 20 years, are ALSO  now but fed-up with the black Nguni communist kleptocracy running rife in the country. When it comes to plundering , greed, controlling the banks,  financial institutions , mineral resources and tax a populace to death, theJew and his hundreds of “secret societies” want that right to be exclusively their sole registered trademark.

They simply HATE competition and will NOT  tolerate insubordinate 3rd world spectacles challenging THEM for the supreme hoodlum power in THEIR stolen “hood.”  Unfortunately for the African dictatorship in South Africa, THAT  is precisely what the  African National Confusion has become, an opposition, a thread to the Zionist plundering and under the guardianship of Jacob Zuma ( who is a greedy mobster himself),  a dangerous liability to the Kazarian corporate powers in control of the world economy.

SO,– with this past municipal elections we could clearly observe a struggle for power between the demons and the devil himself.  BUT as it turns out, the devil is slowly gaining the upper hand and now is busy systematically replacing a rebellious rouge African National Confusion  demon with a more  controllable  and  “user friendly Demonic Alliance one Metropole after Metropole. The African National Confusion lost just about power in all the main Municipal Metros. places where they comfortably ruled for 20 years unopposed– and raked in millions of Rands in taxes for their own lucrative personal ventures. This all despite wasting  R1 billion (US$71 million) of tax payers money  in campaigning for the election. ( Link)   Now Jacob Zuma will go home to an IFP-run Ward, go to Parliament in a DA-run city, and likely to work in a DA-run capital city.





BUT that now came to a sudden and screeching halt. The lords of the elite in the  African National Confusion suddenly realized they were outsmarted by their mentors in New York and London. They are worried…and they are scared. The impossible happened.  They are losing control fast and that even BEFORE “Jesus came.”  SO, one of three things happened,  the  African National Confusion miscalculated the second coming of Christ,  they misunderstood Jewish politics, or Jacob Zuma, the  pathological liar, was lying to them as usual. Whatever the reason, the poor misdirected imbeciles now are running around like a flock of frightened geese in a pen invaded by weasels.  However. –the ‘elite”  now also find themselves literally  between the devil and the deep blue sea. They find themselves in a very uncomfortable position with Zuma in the driving seat. Being glutenous gravy train riders that are used to “ rule supreme” which gave them uncountable power to the State Treasury to plunder at will. Now that tends to form a certain way of life and once used to squander millions of Rands which you are  not held accountable for due to the ” untouchable” position you ensured by the zillions of “laws” you created to protect your own corrupt networks. it becomes a tough proposition to face the untimely and unforeseen possibility that you are about the get your arse kicked out of the gravy train and into the wastelands.  SO, to stay on that train and not ride on a common bicycle among  an impoverished populace you screwed for years, would mean you have to come up with one-or-other surprise ace that is embedded VERY deeply up your sleeve and one  the Jewish masters are NOT  aware of. Unfortunately, for the little black gods in the African National Confusion,ALL their hidden  aces already were pulled out one-after-the-other by the one and only Jacob Zuma.  Zuma made sure the whole shamoose in the “top echelon” were neatly entrapped in a devious circle of corrupt ventures and all of them cuddled warmly in his pocket. He made sure they all are well and truly entrapped in a web of dirty deals and illegal bribery. He made sure he will be able to count on their support to stay in power, or else all of them will happily be marching back to Robben Island as inmates. This now leaves the poor decrepit bandits at the mercy of the one criminal they dearly want to get rid of in order to save their scrawny arses. Their once dependable treasure island has now become their biggest liability.

However, by keeping and  swearing allegiance to Zuma, even against their will,  poses another more dangerous threat to the already frantic foolish plunderers. They will have to venture into a position whereby they will be facing direct confrontation against  their Kazarian masters in new York and London!  Already, as we by now could have predicted. the arrogance of the African mind overruled sound logic and their fear for Robben Island overshadowed their rational reasoning for survival. They decided to rather back Zuma and stay one ahead of the ever shadowing presence of the Public Protector.(Link)

BUT the pressure is mounting. Even within the African National Confusion itself, as the “lower ranks” now start to mobilize against the “upper echelon” to get rid of the one man that single-handedly is busy bringing the African NationalConfusion to its knees.(Link) ( Link) and ( Link.)

Seems there are MANY more riders in that gravy train’s rear coaches that will feel the pinch if the African National Confusion eventually comes to a crashing halt at the end of the gravy rail. EVEN international observers are raising their eyebrows at all the monkey-tricks going on in South Africa. With the many Zuma issues going on in South Africa, a delegation of Indonesian MP’s demanded to know if Zuma is unimpeachable. The Indonesian Mp’s directed their question to the Constitutional Review Committee.(Link)

Ironically Karma is a bitch in this case. On the back of ONE communist, the African National Confusion stole the  power in 1994 and on the back of ONE communist they are about to loose it again in 2019.  Karma indeed.  Bites you in the arse when you least expect it!



To counter a possible loss of power, the African National Confusion now reverts to their age-old tactics of mass bribery. Yes, you read correctly –MASS BRIBERY. They are  trying to bribe the naive black population on a massive scale again by offering state bribes! (Link)

They are offering grants to every jack rabbit without a job AND because of this ” generous” offer, these jobless hobos will only OBVIOUSLY increase each year. Who wants to work if you can live for free?

Firstly, it is already common knowledge that the African National Confusion splurged millions of Rands on State Grants to mainly black jobless hobos and alien infiltrators to win their votes in the national elections. This tactic was implemented to hit in a two-pronged result:

1. To keep the black populace from working and enhancing their own standard of living. This way they will be permanently dependent on the African National Confusion for their survival. A vote to any opposition may  immediately disqualify them for state grants, thus they will quickly HAVE to work for a living instead of voting for a living, or fall into poverty and  starvation.

2.The African National Confusion, by forcing the majority of the black population into beggars, ensures that the African National Confusion will stay in power and thus be fused to the seats of the gravy train -until Jesus comes.” In other words, they BRIBED the black population with grants to stay in power.

Secondly, by implementing racist and discriminatory “laws” such as AA and BEEE, they forced most white specialists and professionals out of their jobs and handed it to far less competent and sometimes ill-trained ANC card wavers in order to ensure their allegiance to the ruling regime. ( Link)

This way they wanted to, once again.  ensure  a constant insurance at the polls. This, however, formed part of the decline of service providing, maladministration and the total decay of most of the state institutions. They have, therefore, again BRIBED the black population with jobs to vote them into power at every election.

Thirdly.  In their bid to counter a possibility of loosing their iron grip on the trough, Zuma and his conglomeration of ‘elite” demons firstly revert to the age-old African tactic of  white-owned “land grabs” (land theft by government decree) , a common phenomena of all the past African dictators like Kenyatta, Mugabe, et al  to again redirect black anger against poor service deliveries towards those “ white colonials” . ( They now have another “smart term”,  Land expropriation” ,they call it)  In this way, they once again try to create a ‘common enemy” and ”unify” the black population behind them,  ensuring a land-slide win at the polls at every election. (Link) 

In other words. they BRIBE the black population with land stolen from whites,  to win their votes.

Fourthly.  One of the most recent stunts they pulled is to now allow  for all jobless youths to receive state grants.(Link)

This way, the regime tries to cultivate a generation of lazy bums that will ostensibly rather receive free dole money- than actually go out and work for it.

Once again, the youth are being BRIBED with grants to support the ruling regime. Now add to all this ”free-bee” lunacy  that this regime also are dishing out, the millions of Rands on free education, free housing, free electricity and services, AND also writing off MILLIONS of rands in arrears from black townships due to non-payment of electricity, we are looking at a financial catastrophe facing South Africa.

The black majority is BRIBED with “free services “ to vote the current despots back into power .  In a latest bribe bid, the regime even went as far as to giving SALARIES and BONUSES to convicted CRIMINALS in jails! (Link)

WTF you may ask? Now it will become MORE convenient to lay your lazy arse in jail, receive EVERYTHING for free, PLUS getting paid for it.  rather than to be working for your keep. Crime surely pays well. ESPECIALLY in a f*cked up country like South Africa.

Here the African National Confusion  now is BRIBING the criminals into keeping them on the gravy train! How low can you descend?  To what levels have the African National Confusion got to drop to win votes, not even sea-level will be low enough. They will even drop to beneath crayfish sh*t if it will ensure their stay at the trough.

We are being governed by and CULTIVATE criminals here, from the top….to the bottom! Did someone ever try to figure out just WHO is going to pay for all these ” free bees?”  Meanwhile. the poor old country is sliding into a bottomless pit of financial decay,  BUT with all their stunts, all their bribery, and even all their devious concocted agendas. will  save them from the nearing omen slowly rolling in towards them from the Kazarian horizon.


NOW I am going to make a crazy statement that will appear to you as coming from someone who is REALLY living in a state of delusion …………. Someone smoking pot, BUT looking very closely from WITHOUT the proverbial box, it will make sense to those that have an open mind. What we see happening here in South Africa, is a gradual shift  to giving the power back into the hands of WHITE control.

Does this sound totally preposterous?  NOT at all.  NOT if you stop for a moment and re-think the past and follow that scarlet thread through the ages. I mentioned Karma…remember? Now Karma very much is the Indian version of what the Christian Bible reverted to when King Solomon addressed the repetition of history.

He said :” The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.”-  Ecclesiastes 1:9 

If we take a look at history, we see that throughout the history of man there were constant political changes all around the world.  Nations appeared and disappeared,  kingdoms rose and kingdoms fell. even the most powerful kingdoms such as the Romans, Egyptian, Persian, Mogol and Aztec empires came to an end.

However, take a good look, MOST of these “civilized” empires were taken down by a lesser civilized invasion, who then ruled for a much shorter period than the civilized empire. Then, after the invasion, SYSTEMATICALLY the less civilized new empire again was TRANSFORMED back into a much more advanced civilization over a period of time. THAT is the scarlet thread that runs through MOST of the earlier dynasties. After the fall comes a period of destruction, then the rise of a more advanced civilization appears.

This is about what is to happen in South Africa as well. We had a civilized kingdom here before 1966, but from the day Verwoerd was assasinated by the Kazarian corporate killers, the descent to destruction of the empire began with Voster.

The introduction of the African National Confusion in 1994 and abdication of the National  Party was only the institution of a plan already formulated long-long ago even BEFORE Verwoerd came to power.

So, another  civilized empire was brought to an end through planned treason, assassinations and devious conspiracies. After that a lesser intelligent and civilized  empire was given the power to reign for a relatively short period and now, we observe the systematical rebirth of a new dispensation where suddenly WHITE mayors are taking the stage again, like in Port Elizabeth  (I think the commis call it “Nelson Mandelabay”),– where the Demonic Alliance (DA) introduced Athol Trollip  as mayor. ( Link)



NOW you may reason that many  African National Confusion portfolios also incorporated whites-,such as the hard-line commi Rob DavisBUT we see a totally new shift here as the Demonic Alliance  was many a time  accused by the African National Confusion as a “white party. (Link)

Trust me, even as devious as the African National Confusion may be, if there is smoke, there must be a fire. They know some sensitive information is being kept away from the public due to political hippocracy and “political correctness.”  Even racist black political parties like the “Black First-Land First” (BLF) warned the EFF to “break ranks” with the ”racist” white Demonic Alliance (Link) .

You think this only is a reason why  theDemonic Alliance  was championed  by Zille (who is a Jew). The Demonic Alliance, after all, is a derivative of the old PFP, which in any case was a Jewish Party.  BUT both the  African National Confusion and the Demonic Alliance  (DA) are Jew-controlled,  AS is the Economic Freedom Fools.

 THUS, irrespective WHICH fool “thinks” his party will rule “till Jesus comes“, at the end of the day all these “demo(n)cratic idiocracy, all the smart terms, all the propaganda, the creation of political parties, the funding thereafter and the fall of political dispensations, as well as all the end results in elections which decides who will be the next king to pass on the wealth  of the country – is manipulated by theKazarian Devil himself.

In Jewish politics, it is not who made his cross where, but more like who pressed the rigged election result board  buttonwhen. All the mambo-jumbo about so many votes counted here and which political party won where is pure eye-blinding rubbish and only of academic value for the naive ”sheeple.

Politics is like Free Masonry. the grass-roots monkeys up to the 33rd level “think” they belong to  a good society. but only the top structure knows in fact they are on a highway to hell. It all is a game of manipulation of just who gets the lion’s share and who gets controlled to “think” they in fact  had a say in the choice of who they selected to “democratically” screw them again. Just follow the money-line.


In South Africa the devil  rules through the “Afrikaner Broederbond” throne and they were NEVER  too far away over the past 20 years of pure evil that befell South Africa and especially the white Afrikaners.

Their guard dog, the VF plus, was securely in place watching and monitoring. ( Now you can understand why Zuma had no option but to appoint the VF leadership as a deputy minister. He was ordered to do so by the AB.) They were there all the time, making sure things do not get too far out of hand.

It all was neatly planned to be this way, BUT all the time the Devil and his AB demons in South Africa were watching, waiting and now slowly they  are coming forward  from their dark lairs, with De Klerk suddenly starting to make more and more verbal sounds in the media, slowly starting to open the pathway for another white dispensation to emerge from the ashes of the previous African hegemony that befell the land. In any case, the  African National Confusion  is only the old National Party dressed in different attire, but still firmly under control of the white AB.

The Devil only exploit the black African for his own selfish needs to destroy a healthy civilization, BUT when it comes to the GUARDIANSHIP of the stolen property, he wants demons he can TRUST to be in control and this has nothing to do with “racism”.  They, however,  seem to trust the white demon more than the black demon as the African demon have a tendency to rather challenge his superiority than guarding his stolen treasures.

Mmusi Miamane purely acts as a “transition” catalisator between the shift from black power to white. It may take a year or two, but the 2019 elections will be quite an interesting one.   As for the “elite” of the African National Confusion, maybe the time has come to start cleaning the offices and vacate that demonic Luthuli lair in Johannesburg for the new tenants to move in, for it will not be a question of “if”,  but rather one of “when.

When the local demons become more greedy than the IMF Devil that controls them, you could expect some radical changes will happen sooner or later. The African National Confusion enters a  situation where they will be locked in a battle against their own supreme masters and a battle they already realize they simply cannot win.

Maybe Jacob Zuma already knows this and that is the reason why he wants to remove Pravin Gordhan as quickly as possible from the treasury vault doors in order to have one last go at the riches and plunder it good and solid (like the NP did for their Kazarian masters in 1994),  before the end of his dynasty dawns and he and his co-conspirators  silently would then“disappear”  from the political scene to“retire” in some far away neutral country or  island with their spoils, before a full-scale civil war erupts,  The will live out their corrupt old age “pensions”  there until the Devil one day will come to take them “home” as well

Let us all hope that would not happen and that the only island they will be visiting, will be Robben Island. As for normal South Africans, well,they are about to face some VERY interesting times the next two years running up to the next national elections.

SOURCE: White Nation/Whitey Sayz