SOUTH AFRICAN WHITE GENOCIDE: The Grim Reaper On His Rounds – Whole White Family Gunned Down By Savages – The Blood Sport Continues …….












Police in Gauteng have launched a manhunt for five savages following the murder of a family of four in ?Lawley? – South of Johannesburg. It is believed that the father, mother, 19-year-old daughter and 21-year-old son were all shot and killed on Saturday night.


Police spokesperson, Mavela Masondo, says: “It is alleged that last night a white male – who is the owner of the house,  was coming out of his house when he was suddenly approached by about five savages who shot him.” “After that, they went into the house where they found the wife of the man, the daughter and the son and they shot all of them. We are appealing to the community that if there’s anyone who has information as to who committed these brutal murders, they must please call the nearest Police station”   Police says they are looking for between three and five savages who shot and killed the four family members.

IN ANOTHER CASE  a white man from  Vanderbijlpark, Poena Botes, were brutally murdered by savages on his smallholding at  Bonanne. His wife and grandchild were bound and assaulted during the ordeal. (Link) 

AND IN YET ANOTHER the Police have launched a manhunt for two savages armed with a  screwdriver after they assaulted a white couple in their Garsfontein home. Police spokesperson, Sergeant Jan Sepato,  says the armed thugs gained entry into the house on Friday at around 6pm while the woman was opening the door to let  her cats into the house. “The two forced their way inside the house and demanded money. They assaulted the couple and also attempted to rape the woman in front her husband, but she fought back.” The thugs fled with two cellphones. The couple, both in their fifties, have been admitted to hospital. (Link) 

CASE NUMBER FOUR  involves  renowned author and pastor Val Waldeck, her sister and their elderly friend escaped from what could have been a hijacking on Friday night, August 12, reports Southlands Sun. They believe they used the power of prayer to drive off four unknown savages  who attacked them at about 7.30pm. The sisters were dropping off their friend at an old age home in Umbilo when Val’s sister, Margy got out to open the gate. She noticed a bakkie drive up and park a few yards behind them. “My sister, Margy, realised that she was in trouble and ran back to the car. They were quicker  than her and grabbed her as she flung herself into the car. Two savages held her by the legs while the other tried to drag her out of the car. Her one arm was latched on to the steering wheel and she fought back with the other. “But I would not allow them to take my sister,” said Waldeck. “My main priority was to protect my sister and my friend, and together, through the power of God, we defeated them. To see the power of His name was stunning and we thank Him for His protection.” Without fear, Waldeck, 70, fought the thugs  to protect her sister. She grabbed the one thug’s head, holding on to him as she dug her nails into his skin and punched him. “It all happened in total silence – they never spoke, we just fought. My sister managed to kick another thug in his groin,” said the pastor. (Link) 

WHILE IN CASE NUMBER FIVE  one white family was preparing to face the murderer of their beloved during an upcoming murder trial, another had to deal with the growing possibility that no one might ever be held responsible for the murder of their son and brother, even though everyone knows who they are. Cindy Swanepoel was murdered in October 2015 when a black colleague of hers shot her at point blank range in front of eyewitnesses.  An arrest was made shortly after the incident and Oscar Ndlovu will stand trial for murder in a couple of weeks, just shy of the one-year anniversary of Cindy’s death. 

Pierre de Necker was beaten to death in July 2016 in a suburban street, also in front of eyewitnesses. He stole a car and the owner thereof gathered his friends and they managed to trap De Necker in a street where he was dragged from the vehicle and beaten to a pulp. Not given a hiding, not learnt a lesson, his brain was physically beaten to a pulp.

Cindy Swanepoel was murdered in October 2015. The mob had no intention for Pierre to ever recover from that attack. Although everyone know who the people involved in the attack are, no arrests have been made. In fact, it seems that the Belfast police have done all they can to avoid the mountain of evidence, and have pinned all their hopes on the possibility that one of the involved parties will admit guilt or implicate one of their friends. (Link)

THEN WE MOVE TO CASE NUMBER SIX:  The body of a white man was found floating in the sea near Brighton Beach, Port Elizabeth on Sunday afternoon, about 15 hours after he and a female companion were hijacked in North End.   Police spokeswoman, Colonel Priscilla Naidu, said the “traumatic ordeal involving two students from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University” started at about 9.30pm on Saturday when the 28-year-old man and a 21-year-old woman were hijacked in North End. “While seated in the car, about six savages approached the couple and pointed a firearm at them. The couple was pushed into the boot of the car and two suspects drove off with their vehicle,”  Naidu said. “The couple was taken to a beach in Port Elizabeth where the 21-year-old woman was allegedly raped and her male friend shot a few metres away from the car. The suspects drove off with the woman and dropped her off in central Port Elizabeth.” Naidu said the incident was reported to Police on Sunday morning and an investigation team was immediately mobilized by acting Mount Road cluster commander, Brigadier Ernie Neveling. A manhunt, including the PE Flying Squad, SAPS Air Wing, SAPS Search and Rescue divers and National Sea Rescue Institue (NSRI), was launched for the suspects and the missing man. His body was found floating in the sea near Brighton Beach at about 12.30pm on Sunday. Naidu said the victim’s vehicle, a gold Volkswagen Polo Vivo with the registration number HSC 308 EC had not yet been recovered. She appealed to anyone with information to contact detective Captain Klippe Killian on 083 391 2377 or Constable Nkaza 082 442 1384 or contact 08600 10111. Charges of hijacking, rape and murder are being investigated. (Link) 

THIS BRINGS  US TO CASE NUMBER SEVEN:  BEREA police discovered the brutally mutilated body of a white woman in the park onEdith Benson Crescent this morning. Berea Mall Police is at the scene while Police forensic investigators gather evidence from the scene across the road from Botanic Gardens. According to Berea SAPS communications officer, Captain PN Naidoo, a passerby allegedly noticed the head of a person while walking in the park around 10.30am this morning. “The traumatised witness ran to the Berea Police station  to alert police and our officers rushed to the scene,” he said. “Officers found the head of a woman lying in the path and the rest of her body behind a tree close by. The woman’s body had been mutilated,” Naidoo said. The murder is being investigated by Berea SAPS.   (Link)  


THEN WE HAVE CASE NUMBER EIGHT:  A white woman was  killed and  her husband injured after being attacked by savages yesterday  morning in Roodeplaat, North-east of Pretoria (Link)

CASE NUMBER NINE:  A Single mother of three was brutally murdered by savages in her home at Wag-‘n-Bietjie, Silkaatsnek in the  Hartbeespoort area. She was attacked and brutally murdered.   Laurika Potgieter (45),   a well-known and much-loved member in Hartbeespoort, was apparently attacked on Wednesday in her home and murdered with a sharp object. According to witnesses, Potgieter was supposed to pick up her daughters. aged five and sixteen, but she never arrived. A friend of hers then went and pick up the kids and when arriving at her place, he discovered her body.- Hartbees community police forum spokesperson, Romano van der Spuy, said.  Family members said that when the friend arrived, there was lots of blood and her corpse was already cold. (Link) 

AND FINALLY CASE NUMBER 10:  An Elderly white  female victim was overpowered and tied up by 3 savages. The thugs used force and assaulted the victim before escaping with a safe that was loaded in a vehicle. Before leaving the suspects used the victim’s mobile phone to call her son and told him to arrange emergency services for her (GP, Tshwane Municipality, 10 Km before Hammanskraal on the Warmbaths road, smallholding.) (Link)