Stolen land returned? Only a few bushmen wouldn’t be homeless

One cannot help to wonder whether Ramaphosa, Malema and Mngxitama, in saying that land must be “returned to those it was stolen from”, actually means that it should go back to the Khoisan people?

That, in fact, would mean that everybody in SA, apart from a few Kalahari Bushmen, would be homeless.

We cannot interpret history to suit the politics of the day. History is brutally honest. The black man arrived from the north, started the Mfecane en Difaqane thereby wiping out the original nations through genocide and assimilation, and stole their land.

Less than a century later the white man arrived from the South. The white settlers brought in Asian and East African slaves, who, through assimilation again, gave birth to the Coloured nation. The South African Indian came to the country as cheap labour much, much later.

So, mr Ramaphosa, indeed: who do you propose to take the land from and who do you propose to give it to? We are all settlers after all.

Read the original article by Daniel Lötter on Front National SA

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