Supremacist U.N. uses drought to encourage further enslavement of Southern Africa by “International Community”, again…

The United Nations once again uses drought as an excuse to encourage further enslavement of Southern Africa by the “International Community”, knowing full well local governments have been neutralised, corrupted and rendered useless.
Wonder which multinational corporations will be benefiting this time or which natural resource will be taken over?
When the United Nations makes a public appeal for “help”, you should know world supremacy is afoot…
Ever wondered why the UN never opts for local solutions to local problems but always calls for “International” aid? That should read “Globalist” aid.
They have yet again called for “Urgent action” to stop southern Africa hunger crisis extending into 2017, yet sit idly by while many billions are wasted and lost on corruption and despotic governance in the region.
Not a mention of Mugabe and Zuma et al plundering their respective nations driving the amount of people living in poverty higher and higher.
Not a mention of the many plantations and forests being stripped bare but not being replaced. Indeed an African version of the US “Dust Bowl” in the early 1900’s is being recreated right in front of our eyes, deliberately.
Not a mention that since SA was handed to mandela and the communist ANC two decades ago, commercial farms have been reduced from 70,000 to a mere 20,000.
Not a mention of ANC policy to reduce farm sizes or a mention of the ongoing attack on farmers being ignored or even denied by governments, despite continuous racist rhetoric from Zuma and Mugabe regarding land and its occupation and seizure.
Is the UN deliberately ignoring these stats or are they too stupid to see the connection to food security?
Seems UN is in agreement that people should not be responsible fro growing their own food, but should rather be dependent on the State (or One World Government and its globalist corporations) for handouts. Communism 101 or should that be World Supremacy 101?
The climate has nothing to do with it. It is an engineered drought not far off from the deliberate famine engineered by Lenin which killed millions. Not a mention that the population has grown 500% despite famine, pestilence, war, disease and every disaster the narrative chasing mass media can think up.
Poor ole El Nino and his sister La Nina, get the blame for it all on the other side of the globe!
Man, or rather those that claim to be in charge or pretend to exist in order to make things better, like the mighty UN, are supposedly innocent and apparently powerless too. Maybe they should be reminded of why they exist or be disbanded like their equally useless and trojan horse like predecessor, the League of Nations.
Time to fire the UN for failing miserably at their duty, or rather for misrepresenting their intentions… expose their pretense.
Apparently farmers in drought-hit southern Africa urgently need help to plant the next harvest, or else the food crisis gripping the region will continue into 2017, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said on Thursday.
Southern Africa has been badly affected over the past year, allegedly by the El Nino weather pattern which is the usual excuse.
Some 579,000 children will need treatment for severe hunger this year, and 23 million people urgently need aid, according to UN figures released earlier this week.
“If there is good support from [local] governments and the international community… then we can break the cycle,” said Francesco Del Re, senior strategic adviser for drought response at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), knowing full well that they never intend to break any cycle except the one that drives their world supremacy and enslavement of all peoples to their (UN) one world government.
Do some research and lookup Agenda 21 to see how UN uses natural resources and events to take ownership of the world…